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New Sincludan Prime Ambassador (SPA)

Earlier today, Harrison Raiken was officially declared as the Sincludan Prime Ambassador (SPA). The SPA is a position held in the highest esteem, and only the most experienced and influential in foreign affairs ever have the chance to take the seat. Raiken has spent many years settling disputes and advancing World Assembly agendas that would help the welfare and ideals of Sincluda. Despite his impressive 22 years as an ambassador, Raiken is only 43, the youngest ever SPA. Raiken has promised to focus on getting the interests/concerns of Sincluda to the World Assembly voting floor, and also seeks to improve the Democratic Republic's influence in Europeia. Raiken is also culturally diverse. His father is from The Pacific, while his mother is native to Sincluda. He was born in Europe, and personally met parliamentary members of Imperium Anglorum only a few years old. At 7, he moved to Sincluda, and has been fiercely advocating for Sincluda to ramp up it's global reputation since his teenage years. In college, he worked as a volunteer in the Sincludan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SMFA). Raiken has promised to put his experience and instincts to good use as the current SPA. Let's hope he will.

The Unfortunate Case of Sincluda