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SolarFlare Climate Treaty

Acknowledging the existential threat of climate change to our planet, understanding that humans are the main cause of it, knowing that international cooperation is necessary to fight climate change, and wishing to address this issue as a united region, the region of SolarFlare presents the SolarFlare Climate Treaty.

Article 1 - Requirements
In order to be a signatory and remain one, your nation must spend at least 2% of government expenditure on the environment, and must generally prioritize the environment over the economy.1

Article 2 - Goals
All signatories to the SolarFlare Climate Pact should aim to do the following things:
- By September 1, 2021, signatories should spend at least 700.00 of their nation's currency on the environment as measured by the Eco-Friendliness WA Census statistic. This is done by answering issues having to do with the environment in an eco-friendly manner.
- By January 1, 2022, Signatory nations' energy should be made up of at least 60% renewable energy2

Article 3 - Enforcement
- The SolarFlare Climate Treaty shall be managed primarily by the Vice-Delegate of SolarFlare, currently Tocan Isle, and the region Founder, Celestial Wave.
- The Founder and Vice-Delegate shall enforce this treaty.
- If a signatory does not comply with Article 1 of this treaty, they shall be given a notice. If they still do not comply after a week, they shall be expelled from the treaty by the enforcers (founder and vice-delegate).

Signatories: Tocan Isle, Celestial Wave, Barondoctor, Northern carpathian union, Grhb puppet, Sierra Grand

1This means that when you answer issues, you generally prioritize protecting the environment over pure economic gain. This requirement is not objective or easy to measure, so just try your best to care about the environment while answering issues.
2Renewable energy is defined as any energy that is not depleted on use. The main types of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, tidal, and biomass.

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