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SolarFlare Voting Rules (UP FOR VOTE)

SolarFlare Voting Rules

Article 1 - Voting shall be open solely to citizens of SolarFlare.
Section 1 - "Citizen" shall be defined as any nation currently residing in SolarFlare who has been in SolarFlare for at least 3 days.
Article 2 - One vote per person-- nations controlled by the same person may not both vote in the election.
Article 3 - The election administrator may not manipulate the voting in any way.
Article 4 - If a poll is already running, voting shall take place on google forms or another platform approved by the SolarFlare government.
Article 5 - Voting shall be open for 7 days.
Article 6 - After the polls close, the election administrator shall announce the results in an RMB post. The law that has been passed or the regional office that has been filled shall go into effect when the results are verified. The election administrator is required to verify the results within a day after polls close.
Article 7 - The election administrator shall be either the Founder, Vice Delegate, or WA Delegate.

This is not an approved piece of legislation yet.

The Republic of Tocan Isle