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U-boot Type 219

A next generation multirole stealth submarine, featuring several improvements over contemporary designs. Run off of an SRG, it combines both the longevity of nuclear power with the absolute stealth of a Stirling driven submersible. Its high tech, completely non-magnetic construction allows it to dampen active pings and remain virtually undetectable at slow speeds. With two banks of three 26 inch torpedo tubes for use with a modified, stealthier and much longer ranges variant of the two-stage 26 inch torpedoes used by aircraft. These torpedos notably have much larger guiding guiding fins that fold out, designed to run at a much deeper and harder to detect depth before suddenly veering up and striking from a steeper angle to hit more vulnerable parts of the ship.

The X arrangement of the stern planes allow for the submarine to operate in much shallower waters, useful for inserting special forces.

For use in missile carrying role, it is able to tow several stealth pods along behind it. Specially padded cables are used to minimize any potential vibrations. Upon reaching a designated launch position, the disposal pods would be ditched. They would proceed to self-right as the mother U-boot proceeded to leave the premises, as to ensure the location of the U-boot itself is not revealed. The missiles would be launched out via chemical propellant to ensure sufficient speeds are reached and the pod is scuttled. From there, either a guided ballistic warhead, or a bank of four TERCOM/Radiation/etc guided hypersonic missiles. A maximum of four pods can be towed at a time.

Extra armament includes external mines (24) and mast mounted fire-and-forget missiles.

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