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Fédéral-service Militaire

This is heavily WIP while I work out selecting defense suppliers and structuring the military. For now I will provide a very brief overview of the Federal Military Service of the Castillian Federation.

[b]Fédéral-service Militaire[/b]
[list][*] Fédéral-armée de Castillia (Federal Army of Castillia, or Castillian Army for short. Abbreviated "FaC"). 
[*] Fédéral-marine Castillia (Federal Castillian Navy, abbreviated "FmC").
[*] Fédéral-aéroforce Castillia (Federal Castillian Air Force, abbreviated "FafC"). 
[*] Forces-aéroportées Fédéral (Federal Airborne Forces, abbreviated "FaF").
[*] Espacer-force Castillia (Castillian Space Force, abbreviated "EfC"). 
[*] Troupes-interne Castillia (Castillian Internal Troops, abbreviated "TiC"). 
[*] Garder-patrie (Homeland Guard, abbreviated "Gp").