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JETSKY-|: is a fighter jet that was designed by the wirean military, it has the capability of going 485, the jets capabilities are shooting 20mm rounds which are shot at 10 per second, the jet uses auto-aim technology which is shown on a screen in the jet, the screen tells everything the pilot needs to know such as speed, pitch, etc. the jet costs 625 wires per second if shooting and 4000 wires per hour flying normally, and needs refueling every 3000 miles, the other capability is stealth, it has the ability to not send any radio waves, and not be shown in the sky, this will be a help if nations are tracking, using radio waves, to build the jet costs 400,000 wires, and may be sold for around 600,000 wires.
JETSPY-|: is just a JETSKY-| with the ability to be used as a spy plane with a powerful camera being attached to it.