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TCB MoWAA: Vote FOR Gay Panic Defense Ban (GA)

The Communist Bloc
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs

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Gay Panic Defense Ban


Vote FOR

This resolution is pretty straightforward. It bans the perception of a victim's sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity as defense to criminal offenses, as justification for criminal conduct or grounds for mitigating a criminal offense's severity of sentencing. It also bans justifying the use of force based on knowledge of the victim's sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

One's sex, sexual orientation or gender identity cannot simply be rational and valid grounds for a criminal offense and such argument is inadvertently based on bigotry and reactionary mindsets. This resolution can also increase the chances of perpetrators of crimes against women and LGBT people being effectively punished. The legal protection accorded to sexual minorities are also increased due to the ban of the gay panic defense and can be a legal deterrent to perpetrators of such crimes.

For these reasons, the Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting FOR the General Assembly Resolution under vote "Gay Panic Defense Ban".

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