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Foreign Relations

Foreign relations of the Italia Unita in the NWI Roleplay scenario

International Relations


These are countries with whom Italia Unita shares entrenched political, cultural, and diplomatic ties. This nations are popular among north italian citizens and with them we have free trade agreements, military cooperation and defensive pacts.


These are nations with whom Italia Unita shares a great deal of similarities with and are popular at home, but does not have the same level of involvement with as nations it considers to be allies. Italia Unita shares either free trade agreements or military cooperation with these countries.


These are countries whose intentions Italia Unita does not like or dislike, or have been deemed inscrutable. Italia Unita may or may not maintain relations with these countries, but even if it does, it does not consider the relationship strong enough to consider the other nation a


These are countries Italia Unita believes to have motives that are not in line with its own long-term policy. They are likely unpopular at home, and though some may lie closer to neutral, there is likely some conflicting ideology or policy difference. Unlike nations that Italia Unita is
Hostile towards or At War with, Italia Unita is willing to maintain cordial diplomatic relations with these countries.


These are nations deeply unpopular at home and believed to be completely opposed to Italia Unita's long-term policy and ideological stance. If Italia Unita maintains relations with these nations, they are almost constantly strained.
    -Cartel de la letra (only officially)

At War

These are nations Italia Unita is actively at war with.
    -Rosa Nera (Mafia and terrorist organization)

Supranational Organizations

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