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The East on Earth


You don't need to be completely realistic, but try to use your common sense as to what might happen (San Marino doesn't suddenly nuke Moscow and take over Russia)
NATO and CSTO don't exist, cos then it'd be very boring
Try to add detail
E.g. Germany invades Poland
E.g. Germany invades Poland in order to reclaim Prussia, and after a successful war, Prussia and Silesia are annexed, with the remaining lands becoming a puppet state
Pls fund rebels and release nations after wars- this is so everyone doesnt conquer everything in a few days, and we're already at war with each other
Your nation doesn't need to be successful, and you can switch nations at any time
Finally, if you declare war on a player, they need to be informed, and you'd have to RP it out with each other
E.g. Germany declares war on Poland to try and gain Prussia
German forces attack the border
Polish forces defend Gdansk
Germany uses bombers to defeat forces at Gdansk
Poland starts the construction of anti-aircraft etc. etc.
Have fun!


Of Centralist Brexit as the UK
Karatol-Advenra as Alaska
Kavanos as Nguyen Dynasty (i think)
Nirsk as Neo Kievan Rus
Order of the saint Dumas as Switzerland
Serkin as Mexico
Tahrir-al sham as Syria
Technocratic Tagalog as South Korea
Zidium as Egypt