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Franco-British-American Relations

Boris Cult, Rwekazaland, 11nations- Unionmate

The Franco-British-American Empire is in the New Union with these nations. The New Union is a defensive, political and economic union, the second of its kind (The first was in FWO).

Orange Creek- Allied

The Franco-British-American Empire has improved relations with Orange Creek in the past, and with the agreement in Casablanca in effect, the Franco-British-American Empire is allied and has military access as well as some economic aid from Orange Creek.

North American Imperial State- Allied

The Franco-British-American Empire has allied with this nation due to it being a fellow monarchy. Franco-British-America is allied to the Monarche Federalist Union via the TMDE. It has helped the Monarcho Federalist Union with the mission to Ju-080 and it has quite good relations with it too.

Cormoe- Allied

The Franco-British-American Empire has intervened in its democratic revolution, and it now will defend Cormoean democracy to the end.

Third Soviet Union- Allied

The Franco-British-American Empire admires the Third Soviet Union and its economic system as well as its technological advancements. As such the Franco-British-American Empire has signed a mutual defence treaty and a non-aggression pact as well as an economic alliance and technological cooperation.

Untecna- Good

The Franco-British-American Empire has intervened in its civil war, first as its own side, then siding with the Government. Thus the relations with Untecna is quite well.

Alexander Martel- Good

The Franco-British-American Empire has signed a non-aggression pact with the Alexandrians, thus relations are good.

MLGDogeland- Good

The Franco-British-American Empire and MLGDogeland have good relations because Franco-British-America is helping MLGDogeland purge every crab in the world.

Yazakhastan- Good

While the Franco-British-American Empire invaded Yazakhastan during the Wooloo War against Yazakhastan, Yazakhastan has decided to support the fight against fascism. It is also a Dominion of Franco-British-America. Thus relations are good.

Joeanian Republic- Neutral

While both nations are cooperating in the mission to Ju-080, the two nations are also in an arms race in orbital superweapons and dyson spheres. Thus the relations with the Joeanians are neutral.

United Departments Of Europe- Neutral
Although the Franco-British-American Empire is ok with communism (except in its own country), Aeuropanism is unacceptable because it is spreading unchecked. However the help received in the War against Yazakhastanian Terrorism has helped.

Wechaiyae and Zarbik- Tensions
The Franco-British-American Empire always had cores on French territory, but instead of just taking the land, they decided to try and puppet the owner instead. This resulted in Wechaiyae and her ally Zarbik, and Franco-British-America almost dragged into a conflict but ended with the Empire settling for the cores of Australia and New Zealand instead.

Mathuvan Union- Tensions
The Mathuvan Union, which is a fascist nation, has declared its hate for Franco-British-America. It also has sent spies to try and deal with the Monarchy, to no avail.

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