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Type 6 Infantry Rifle (wip)

Attn Etoile Arcture: Sorry for not notifying you sooner, as I assumed that the thread was dead, but I had changed my mind from the time I made that tender to now, having reworked and rethought the role that this will serve. I plan to have a bullpup in 5.56 NATO for my paratroopers, who will be trained professionals instead of conscripts. I'll have a later thread where the troops test your gun and this one to decide which one is superior. Also since I'm giving this gun to specialists, the price limit is USD$1,200.

Type 6 Infantry Rifle

Type 6 Infantry Rifle with a 1.5x scope attached


Bullpup assault rifle

Place of origin


Service history

In service

2021 - present

Used by

Nacradian Armed Forces

  • Army

    • Special Forces

(under evaluation)

Production history


Nacrad Defence Industries




Nacrad Defence Industries

Unit cost


Number built

100 prototypes



3.20 kg (Unloaded)


685.8 mm (27 in.)

Barrel length

406 mm (16 in)


5.5645mm NATO


short-stroke gas piston, rotating bolt

Rate of fire

45-60 rounds/min semi-auto
600-750 rounds/min full-auto

Effective firing range

300-400 m vs point target
600-800 m vs area target

Feed system

30-round STANAG compatible
detachable box magazine


integrated Picatanny rail
for iron sights, optical sights, etc


integrated Picatinny rail
for vertical grip, underbarrel
grenade launcher, bipod, etc

The Type 6 Infantry Rifle, developmental codename "Spearhead", is a lightweight, air-cooled, magazine-fed infantry rifle in 5.56x45mm NATO developed by the Nacrad Defence Industries (NDI) in response to the Nacradian Ministry of Defence's solicitation of a bullpup rifle in use of the Nacradian Armed Forces' Special Forces, particularly paratroopers, and is under evaluation by such troops. It uses the same long-stroke gas piston action found in the Type 5 Infantry Rifle, the current service rifle. It can be thus fired in semi automatic, fully automatic and three round bursts, much like the firearm it was based upon.

Design Features

With a bullpup configuration, this rifle has a proportionally long barrel in its compact profile, allowing for a high degree of accuracy. Its bullpup design also allows for the center of gravity, when loaded, to be located near the pistol grip, which allows quick and easy manipulation, a vital asset deemed by the Ministry of Defence. Additionally, its short (compared to the Type 5 at 880 mm stock fully extended, and 700 mm with short barrel) length allows it to be more easily carried by airborne troops within the cramped interior of aircraft, and special forces who may be required to navigate tight spaces, whereas the comparatively longer Type 5 may be found difficult to manipulate.

In terms of action, the Nacrad Defence Industries have decided to continue using the action found in the Type 5 Infantry Rifle, which is a derivative design from the AK platforms (as seen from its long-stroke gas piston) and the AR platforms (as seen from its bolt face design and aluminium lower receiver). This is due to the critically acclaimed reliability and intuitiveness of the Type 5 action, which was met with praise even in the harsh conditions of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. To ensure ambidexterity, a reinforced polymer piece was placed to space the shooter's cheeks from the ejection port when shooting left-handed, deflecting brass downwards, but may be removed simply by sliding said piece upwards and outwards.