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EDN: A Breath of Fresh Air

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A Breath of Fresh Air
By: Josephto, Writer
In the coming days, our Union will face a change of leadership that could shape Union history for the better or worse. The February Presidential Election pits former President Phoenix Coalition and current Vice-President Glaciosia against Senator Nuevo San Miguel and Chairperson Zeneste. Senator Nuevo and Chair Zen offer a stark and relieving contrast to the likes of the former President and current Vice-President. Nuevo and Zen bring a newer, younger, and calmer resilience to Union leadership.

Phoenix Coalition is no stranger to the Executive Mansion, having served two previous terms as President. He was, in fact, the first President elected under our current constitution (1). He only left the Executive Mansion because he was constitutionally barred by term limits. Our constitution states in Article 2, “No person may hold a public office in which the term lasts four months or more for more than two consecutive terms.” Now, Phoenix wants to return, presumably to finish what he couldn’t the first time. Senator Nuevo is the opposite. He has served President Druing as a loyal Minister of Culture. He is an active and important member of the Union Senate. He brings a change to the Union we desperately crave.

That brings me to Phoenix’s running mate, current Vice President Glaciosia. Vice-President Glaciosia has served as Vice-President of President Druing during Druing’s entire term, and Glaciosia has served as a Cabinet Minister for Phoenix before that. He has almost spent the entirety of this Constitution’s existence as a high official of the executive branch. Chairperson Zen is a still relatively new face, having emerged as a Senator not long after the current Constitution was ratified. Zen served Chairperson Thatcher Whitehall as an esteemed Deputy Chairperson, before rising to take the Armchair himself.

The candidacies of Nuevo San Miguel and Zeneste present a new face for the Union. They exhibit a friendly, calm reliance. Additionally, it so far appears as if little to no change at all will come with a Phoenix/Glaciosia Administration, especially since they both have been in the Executive for the entire duration of the constitution’s existence. So, I will end my article as I usually do, with a question. When you go to vote, will you say, “It’s time for a breath of fresh air.”?

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Everyday News has learned since the release of this article that North Plegia was the actual first President under the Union's current Constitution. We apologize that this fact slipped through the editing process.