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Military Report 22

A Diplomatic Crisis has begun between the Omsk Treaty Organization and Deman Kalan. This began shortly after Deman Kalan began deporting diplomats from West Heisen, stating that the current government is ďillegitimateĒ. Deman Kalan then burned the embassy of West Heisen. This caused a response from Eurasia, who closed their embassy with Deman Kalan, deported any diplomats, declared that they will not recognize the government of Deman Kalan, and officially recognized the communist government of West Heisen as the legitimate one. Other OTO member states soon followed suit. Medici Empire declared an embargo against any government that recognizes the communist West Heisen as legitimate, in which OTO responded with an embargo of their own. Now, tensions have risen between OTO and Deman Kalan after Deman Kalan burned down the embassy of Eurasia. Eurasia responded in a similar fashion and gave Deman Kalan a warning to cease.

Besides this crisis, Depackya had been taken over by Mykhail Borisov. Borisov has already stated that they desire the old government of the Confederation, and the death of the Shadow Emperor and his supporters. Shortly afterwards, Jocospor informed the Confederation that they should not be afraid, and that the Mouth and Will lives.

Tensions are definitely rising now. Let us hope that they decrease soon before war breaks out.

Borisovís declaration:
The Shadow Cultís response:
The beginning of Deman Kalanís aggression:
The Presidentís response to the aggression;
The burning of the embassy:
Eurasiaís response:
Eurasiaís recognition of West Heisen:
Mediciís announcement:

Konstatin Molotov,
Secretary of Defense