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Orange Creek | Relations

Maxconian Khal - Allied

Oranscric relations with the Maxconians have waned in recent years, largely a result of both Oranscric departure from the New Dval Pact and the general inactivity of the New Dval Government in world affairs, the Custodian Matrix still considers the Iberian state to be its most loyal ally, which has never abandoned both its doctrines and its alliance to Orange Creek. The Custodian continues to epitomize the Iberian nation as the model state, from which all others should be judged.

Jude s - Allied

Considered a shadow of its former glory after the political machinations of the now defunct FN and its extant judicial court, the Jude S are firmly under the protection of the Oranscric Empire which has gifted it territory in the Western Sahara so that it may be eligible for membership in the Sahel Pact. The Geoluread nobility consider Jude S to also be the best path Orange Creek may take into properly establishing itself on Planet 9.

Zarbik - Cordial

No longer its ally after departing from the New Dval Pact, the Oranscric view the Zarbikians with suspicion especially after its past entry into the Transatlantic Empire, and acknowledges its status as the only nation on Earth to have ever successfully conducted a terrestrial invasion of Orange Creek. Howver, the Custodian Matrix remains hopeful, acknowledging too, Zarbik's many deals with the Casablanca Government which it believes could serve as a gateway to Oranscric cooperation with the Wooloos in the unlikely future.

The Gold Mines - Cordial

The Gold Mines's relevance has certainly faded after its loss of Australia, which has eliminated most if not all of Orange Creek's economic deals with the country, however the nation still persists as a nation of strategic interest to the Oranscrics due to its reliable neutrality on world affairs. However, their status as a reliable partner in international relations has certainly been affected.

New Ryansville - Cordial

Historically a diplomatically distant neighbor of Orange Creek, New Ryansville was the nation's foremost ally before later deciding to follow an isolationist path. Today, with diplomatic prospects grim, the Oranscric Government has begun to restore border control authorities on the country's southern border after only a little over a few years of relaxed borders. Boasting minimal cultural affinity, no religious affinity, the nation's only relation to Orange Creek today lay in a single non-aggression pact.

MLGDogeland - Cordial

The Custodian Matrix believes that the Antarctican nation no longer holds the chaotic variability it once used to, in light of its mass rearmaments and various diplomatic and military ventures in the past. As a result, the Oranscric Government has found it essential to evaluate the nation for what is worth. Boasting high tier technology, and substantial population, as well as total control over the earth's southern hemisphere, this nation is perceived in a good light by the Custodian especially so due to its clean history with Oranscric authorities, and strives for better relations in the future..

Wechaiyae - Cordial

The State of Wechaiyae is well-known to the Geoluread nobility of Planet 9, but there are resentment among the country's inner circles due to their historical abandonment of Crymenathean faith in favor of Christianity, constituting a grave heresy. Nowadays, such shortcoming is now mostly overlooked up the higher ups as Crymenathea still persists as a minority religion, but diplomatic scars remain..

Coradortodos - Cordial

Perceived to be a victim of international scorn due to its past diplomatic actions, the Coradortodos nation is a pariah that the Oranscric Government has taken an interest in. After being vainly successful in preventing this nation from becoming the target of a multi-national coalition some time ago, relations between the two countries have so far plateaeud due to a lack of interest. However, the Oranscric Government believes improvements remain possible, especially as they have now been pardoned for their role in the evacuation of 300 million Germans years ago..

Boris Cult - Neutral

The Borisians are a gravely problematic nation that forms the "eastern cell" of the Earth's most powerful nations. The country is well-known to the Custodian Matrix both for its technological prowess and its repeated attempts to enter into alliances created by the Wooloos nation. As a result, they are a nation of caution, and must be monitored very carefully by the Custodian Matrix. In the mean time

Franco-British-American Empire - Neutral

One of the new order nations entering the nation, the FBAE is noted by the Oranscrics for being "strangely familiar, despite never contact them in the known past. For this reason, as well as FBAE's lacking tensions with other member states, the Custodian deems this country to be a prime strategic interest that must be diplomatically pursued.

Tsu in pact - Neutral

One of the most powerful new order nations to enter the galaxy, the Third Soviet Union towers above most other nations in terms of strength and prestige. Though the Custodian fears this nation's potential threat to its global influence, the country's potential as an indirect ally via FBAE combined with the mutual interest of both governments towards the other means that favorable relations may be established in due time.

Hardenburg - Cautious

Notable for its persistence of Anglo-Saxon culture, the Hardenburgians are viewed with caution by the Oranscric Government due to its membership in the Wooloos GDTO. Yet, having noted its idle nature against the Oranscrics, the Hardenburgians are yet to be considered a hostile nation by the Custodian Matrix, and diplomatic relations may be pursued with the Carimof Government at a later date.

Monarche - Cautious

One of several "new order" nations to have established itself in the galaxy, the Monarche state has gained notoriety within the Casablancan intelligentsia for having allied with the Wooloos, making them an accessory and a fail safe for that nation's rampant aggression against both Orange Creek and the rest of the world. For this reason, the Custodian Matrix has deemed the nation a problematic presence.

Plus Nova Imperii - Cautious

Considered to be the "Great Occupiers" by the Oranscric community, this multi-ethnic state controls the ancient Oranscric homeland. And though Oranscric Irredentism was never a political force in the country, the Church still deems the Roman Empire to be a mockery of Greek culture and an open challenge to its control over the Mediterranean. However, the Custodian Matrix has considered a diplomatic thaw, in light of the nation's departure from Wooloos influence in recent times.

Mathuvan Union - Cautious

At one time Orange Creek's most important ally in Central Europe, they are now known as the nation's greatest betrayers for its aggressive actions against the Sahel Pact and its decision to ally with the GDTO, the foremost enemy of the Church. For these reasons, the Custodian Matrix have deemed the Czech unforgivable.

North American Imperial State, Kingdom of Englands, United Departments Of Europe - Cautious

Major constituents of the WEU and/or IUF, these collective nation states have been declared by the Church of Crymenathea to be the "Great Relegators" of mankind, the supposed Establishment that it believes is the greatest obstacle to the ascension of mankind as stipulated in Church doctrines. Tensions have since reached a thaw as both nations have negotiated a peace settlement greatly favoring the Oranscric Monarchy. However, the future of both nations remained unresolved.

Terra salubria - Hostile

Some years ago, theocratic militants seized control of Casablanca in a coup which saw the Church's teachings supplanted in favor of the Salubrian doctrine, a heterodoxy postulating that the ascension of mankind will only occur with the unification of the Earth. As a result, the Salubrians forcibly thrusted Orange Creek into war with the entire world, and narrowly succeeded. Now, remnants of the Salubrian terror still persist somewhere on Earth, having stolen the finest technologies known to Casablanca. Wherever they may be, the Custodian Matrix considers them to be the greatest threat to the existence of Orange Creek.