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NAP Splits!
Hazelwood Returns!
IPP Motion Fails to Pass!
Depackya Falls to Borisov!
The Good, the Bad and the BUPPA. Part one.

Andrew's Back!

Complete and Utter Freedom- Senator Andrew Hazelwood II of Golden Impirial Utopia was pardoned with Imperial Pardon 5, allowing him to hold government offices again. This pardon comes at a crucial time for the NAP, as they have just lost five senators to Senator Scott Whittfield's new party, the NUF. How these events will affect the negotiations between the IPP and the NAP is not clear yet. However, we can expect Hazelwood to make a bid for the presidency in the next election. When we reached out to Hazelwood for a statement, he said: "I am grateful for the pardon. I will be running for the NAP next election. I will not make the same mistakes. To prove that I have indeed improved and are fit for presidency, I am running an active opposition." We will see what an active opposition means in the coming weeks as the ISV and the NUF begin boycotting any motions made by the IPP, an unprecedented action.

The NAP Split.
Whittfield Shakes Senate Power Relations With New Party

Ridnez- On February 20, 2021, the delegation from The Empire of Cryptonnia to the Imperial Senate issued an ominous video announcement, hinting at the formation of a new political party to challenge the establishment which has had the Senate in its grip for long months. "A new power is rising in the Confederation," read the text of the announcement, "Do you want to bring about change, protection, and unity? Do you want a presidency that is actually competent, and won't gain power through other's (sic) sorrow?" A flag was then presented, bearing a black background with an Iron Cross symbol in a centered white circle surrounded by a formation of red stars. The writing was on the wall: Senator Scott Whittfield of Cryptonnia, who vied for the position of President of the Senate only mere weeks ago, is rallying his forces to contend the office next election and no longer sees the Nationalist Authoritarian Party (NAP) of Senator Andrew Hazelwood of The Communist Feudal Monarchy of Golden Impirial Utopia as a viable platform to attain that goal. The incumbent administration of President Viktor McRain, who is also Senator of The Allied Conglomerates of The Yeetusa, recently suffered a major defeat as the Taxation and Appropriations Act 2021, the first motion forwarded by the administration to achieve the Imperial Prosperity Party's economic agenda, was defeated by a voting force consisting of nearly all other active parties.

As Whittfield's announcement makes clear, however, his new party in the Senate, officially the National Unity Front (NUF), is not merely a reactionary force arising in protest to the actions of the McRain administration and the insufficiency of Hazelwood's clique to oppose it; contrariwise, Whittfield has hinted at a bold reform-based initiative. Shades of this could be glanced from his statements in the official debate preceding the last presidential election, but now Whittfield appears to be better suited to act on his ideas, no longer beholden to Hazelwood's vision in order to campaign for his own. Senator Whittfield was contacted to elaborate on the ideological tenets of the NUF and what we might expect coming from his corner in the near future. Whittfield says that the Confederation should expect an organization that will strive to forge a stronger sense of social cohesion and inter-group cooperation within the region, founded on a sense of "Confederation nationalism," and spearheading a cultural renaissance. Many of these points appear to be held in common with the Integral Social Vanguard (ISV); the key difference is that the NUF advocates a greater degree of local autonomy for Confederation member states in the interests of respecting the principle of sovereignty.

The NUF has not drafted a platform to represent its policies and ideology, to the extent that Whittfield has systematized one for party implementation, although these we are promised in the next few weeks. More important than ideas insofar as the NUF is concerned are actions, as the NUF took a place as a major party in the Senate upon the time of its founding, with a current total of 5 registered seats held by it. It goes without saying that the NUF has an exciting potential for action, action to throw its weight around to influence the course of the Confederation, perhaps action to make or break the prospects of the incumbent and any future administrations. Of course, that all counts on prudent and strategically minded leadership from Senator Whittfield, and it is still too early to tell what role the NUF stands to play in the ever-unfolding political drama. When asked about his reasons for leaving the NAP, Whittfield had the following to say: "I was considering breaking away from the NAP since I joined it.

I didn't join it because I loved the party, I joined it because they had resources I needed and at that time I didn't know anything with party management. I was originally organizing a plot that the majority of active NAP members would coup in November, but GIU got better after the debate with HMS. Though over time his shadow haunted everything I did. I was never under his control, even though many thought I was. It was an interesting relationship because for the most part I talked to him about legalities and advice, so in a way he did influence my policy. Once the election started the alliance with him was breaking. The problem is that we both are very egotistical, so working together was very difficult. He also needed me to join the party because of Xaviet and his IH's. I started planning for the split two days after the debate because I saw fractures forming. I also realized that being part of another's party was crippling my policy, which is why in the end Yeet and I were nearly identical. The major problem was everyone voting against me in the IPP just because of him cough Eurasia cough. After the divide started to grow I decided to leave, especially after GIU said, 'I have received word that it is a very, very probable outcome that I am pardoned soon. When this happens, I will be resuming control of the NAP, the Chairman position will be scraped (sic), but you will retain the position as the party's presidential candidate, at least until the next election. This will have no impact on the rest of your plans for the presidency. I trust you will co-operate in the smooth re-transition of power?,' the last day of the election."

If Senator Hazelwood underestimated the extent to which his party's success was contingent on the contributions of Senator Whittfield, it appears that the NAP has suffered for it on the whole, as the secession of the NUF not only brought the NUF to major party status but cut the NAP down to 9 registered Senators from a prior total of 14. Hazelwood seems not to be too troubled by the recent development, as he has gone on record to say, "We regret (Whittfield's) decision to leave, but it was hardly unexpected," and, "The NUF is doomed to the same fate as the IPP, eventual irrelevance. It is held together only by Scott and when he inevitably leaves, it will unwind." He has made no comment on what he believed Senator Whittfield's motives might have been, on account of contradictory sources, but he has indicated that he already expected and prepared for Whittfield's departure.

The Imperial Prosperity Party and the incumbent administration perceive Whittfield's actions to be advantageous to them, in spite of that Whittfield will presumably be competing with them primarily, as the appearance of the NUF has compromised the position of the NAP as the officially recognized Opposition. President McRain was asked for comment and had this to say: "Senator Whittfield's decision to split away from the NAP is a rash one at best. The IPP governing committee hopes to use this to our advantage, as Whittfield loses the influence he had as Chairman of the NAP." The Secretary of the Department of Defense, Senator Konstantin Molotov of The Grand Empire of Russian States of Eurasia, voiced much the same opinion, stating on record, "I expected it, and while it will make the IPP’s job more difficult, it will and has damaged the NAP. I hope to see the party actually stay active and not become another Unaligned Party, so there would be an Opposition that wouldn’t just parrot statements." On to another point, the leader of the Socialist Unity Front (SUF), Senator John Eden of The Union of West Heisen, has expressed displeasure at the similarity between his party's name and that of the NUF. "The NUF is yet another bourgeois upstart party that has blatantly copied the name of the Socialist Unity Front to mask its anti-worker agenda," complained Senator Eden when asked for an official statement on the new party. Only time will tell what Whittfield's ambitions will amount to and whether the National Unity Front is destined to do great things for the Confederation in the long run.

The Tax Act Gets Axed
An interview with Senator Tailspin.

The Very Dark Place- Hello all, and welcome to a special edition of "How Viktor Sees It". Today, the wonderful people at the Imperial Imprint have provided me with the opportunity to write for the newspaper! So here we are, outside of the NAP and still going strong! Anyway, today, I had the pleasure with talking to Senator Talespin von Javehin of MineLegotipony about the failed “IS#27: Motion to Enact the Taxation and Appropriations Act 2021”. Here's the interview;

Myself: So, let's start with a simple question, why do you think the motion failed?

Javehin: The lemming effect. People are more inclined to follow the parroting points of an opposition leader, rather than help contribute to the motion.

Myself: I see, so your attributing the loss to Scott Whittfield?

Javehin: Not necessarily him personally, but the attention centered around him.

Myself: Of course. So, as we all know, Viktor McRain and Henry Brenfort worked on this motion, what do you think they could've done better?

Javehin: Well, just followed standard procedure of putting it up for suggestions before putting it up as a motion.

Myself: Ah, okay. Final question; do you think the failure of this motion is a one-time-thing or is this the start of a streak of failures for McRain?

Javehin: I believe McRain will succeed in the future. This must just be a one-time-thing, I expect better things.

There you have it folks, according to this very reliable source, we should be expecting better things for Viktor McRain in the future. Well, that's it for me. My ink is running out and the editors want my article. I'll see you in the next edition,

Auf Wiedersehen!

Borisov Rising.
Borisov-led faction siezes power in Depackya.

Complete and Utter Freedom- Ex-Acting-Leader Mykhail Borisov seized power earlier this week, making Depackya the second member of the Imperial Council to fall to insurgents recently. Borisov released this message: "The Ivanovist tyranny is over. Your Mouth and Will has fled. Jocospor will be next. The Shadow Cult shall fall, as will the rest of the Confederation's illegitimate government that was established by my traitorous predecessor. The Seiuwerd line will be restored. Hail the Confederation!" Now nations across the Confederation have begun arresting Depackyan ambassadors or forcing them to leave the country. The Mouth and Will did manage to escape and now resides safely in Jocospor. Soon after the initial announcement by Borisov, the Shadow Cult released a statement, declaring Borisov's message: "rhetoric from yet another pestering usurper", and stated, "there is no need for panic."

Senator Molotov volunteered some information about Borisov saying, "[Borisov] wanted the old Jocospite royal family back in power, I think his goals have not changed." What this will mean for the Confederation and the fate of Depackya is uncertain, but we can expect some sort of attack on Jocospor to depose the Shadow Emperor, akin to what happened when West Heisen fell to communists. Should this happen, you can be reasonably certain nations from around the Confederation will lend their support, as they did the first time Jocospor was invaded.

A chart showing recent fluctuations in party size.

The Good, the Bad and the BUPPA: An insight into the Clarke Administration
Part one in a two part series.

HMS NHS- The Clarke administration was an unstoppable force at it's birth, with Dame Anastasia Clarke HCS of HMS NHS forming the IPP and leading it to become the most powerful party in the Senate. Devastating the then called RAP so much that they didn't even run in the election, Clarke's power and competency was unmatched in the Senate. However, did that all last? Did the Dame accomplish everything she set out for. This article will discuss that.

What started the term was the creation of IS#19, a key motion in developing the existing Confederation Defence Force and was the first in a long time to have someone else's name on a motion excepting the Dame herself and her good friend Harry Brenfort of Kleptocratic Maniacs. It was during these times that the Dame advertised the Senate regularly, causing a great increase in the number of active senators and activity of the Senate as a whole. This was one of the main goals of the IPP from the beginning. Soon after IS#24, another motion IS#25 rolled around, commending the great nation of Kleptocratic Maniacs, while the Dame also prepared for a modern-day debate with arch-nemesis Sir Andrew Hazelwood HCS of Golden Impirial Utopia. Clarke betrayed Hazelwood and usurped his position as President in the eloquently name Operation BUPPA, and the debate was about the resentment that the Operation caused.

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