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TCB MoWAA: Vote FOR Repeal "Fairness in Collective Bargaining" (GA)

The Communist Bloc
Ministry of World Assembly Affairs


Vote FOR

This resolution aims to repeal GAR#530 "Fairness in Collective Bargaining". The repeal is based on multiple rationales such as: the vague definition of "interference" in article 1 and the lack of protections on union protection, the vague definition for "labor union" as well as the lack of definitions for "requiring excessive dues" in 4c and "unneeded workers" in 4d.

The crux of the repeal's rationale is that the resolution's lack of coherent definitions can lead to exploitable loopholes.

The repeal's argument that GAR#530 lacks provisions protecting the creation and operation of unions is well-reasoned. The lack of definitions for a lot of operative clauses such as "interference", "labor union", "requiring excessive dues" and "unneeded workers" is indeed problematic and can lead to a vague, incoherent and unenforceable resolution. For example, any monetary amount can be defined as "excessive", which can be exploited to punish any union.

There is also already been another more coherent and conducive replacement resolution underway that more effectively protects the rights of workers under capitalism.

For these reasons, the Communist Bloc's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting FOR the General Assembly Resolution under vote Repeal: "Fairness in Collective Bargaining".

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