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Kingdom of Korea vs. Empire of Japan - International Court of Justice


The Kingdom of Korea vs. The Empire of Japan

The Liancourt Rock (Dokdo) Dispute

I have the honour to transmit to you an application instituting proceedings in the International Court of Justice by Korea against Japan. The Government of Korea has appointed Yoon Suk-yeol the Prosecutor General of the Ministry of Justice, as its agent, and I certify that the signature on the application is the signature of the officer.  In accordance with Article 38 (5) of the Rules of Court, I have the honour to state that the address for service of the agents is this Embassy. Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.

In 2007 the Empire of Japan conducted an invasion of the Dokdo Islands, on the basis that the Kingdom of Korea had sunk a fishing vessel just outside of the claimed territorial waters. Evidence submitted by the Kingdom of Korea proved this to be false, and Korea continued to claim the islands as rightfully ours. 

The islands had been in our possession since at least 1417 when the first written record of the island exists, the islands were occupied by Japan in 1905 and following the end of the Second World War and the collapse of the Japanese Empire the islands were returned to us in 1952, and had been our possession until 2007.

Japan has refused to meet with us to discuss the future of the islands, and recent months tensions have escalated between our nations with increased militarisation on and around the island on both our parts. We lodge this case with the International Court of Justice to settle this matter in a peaceful and legal way.



HRH King Daeshim of Korea,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs[/centre][/box]