by The Ruling Council Dignitary of Ferdinand Schafer. . 18 reads.



Normality Within the Context of the Abnormal Pandemic-Age of COVID-19 and the Fascist Relationship With It (NEW!!).

Ferdinand Schafer/Atsuria: Imperial Minister of Truth for the Fifth Empire

In essence and in substance Fascism is revolutionary and if Fascism is revolutionary it logically follows that it is also by definition anti-status quo; seeking a total replacement of models and methods used to by the society at large. If normality, what is normal, is equated with the status quo, with how things are and have been for long enough for people to become accustomed to the social order of all things then Fascism, by its revolutionary standards, is in-addition anti-normality. Yet Fascism has its own normality; the normality of the permanent mass-mobilization of national energies for the pursuit of future greatness and for the health of the nation-community. Fascism's anti-normality is therefore in relation to Pre-Fascist ascension and in contemptuous reflection of the shortcomings of the post-WW2 landscape and the inheritance of the Cold War sentimentality. However, In these special COVID-pandemic times facing the world (at the time of writing), during which people's across the world have to re-adjust to a life of restrictions and cancellations and the transformation of daily experiences to drastically different forms the wish and hope for a "return to normal" may not escape the Fascist in his desires for future. Is this a contradiction or a conflict of conviction? How must we understand and approach this when we acknowledge the radicalism of Fascist intentions? If Fascism is to set the times, not simply (or merely) adapt to the times, what loyalty or fondness of feeling -if any- to Pre-COVID normality can a Fascist have without calling into question his or her very own identity? We will answer this problem by two separate distinctions:

I] There are at least two layers and types of "normality". Conceptually and actually.

We have normality of what we can call (normality of) "life and world". What kind of life in a what kind of world? This normality defines the traits and characteristics of a particular time and point in history; forms of culture, lifestyles of people, trends and phenomena etc. There are certain distinguishable elements of the 21st century that make it what it is and separate it from the 20th, 19th, 18th and so and so forth. If a solar flare from the sun suddenly caused a massive EMP and wiped out electricity and fried all circuitry in an apocalyptic blackout we would -for a long-term duration within some undefined "until"-spectrum- have to resort to our ancestor's examples using candles and gaslamps for light and salting our meat / food for preservation in order to meet some of the basic needs of survival. No fridges, no electric lighting. No internet, no video gaming. this would not be be our idea of normal, would it? Of course, it need not be so cosmically dramatic; cyber-attacks and hacks are part of the digital age and with the right kind of strikes networks at even a national or intra-national scale can be incapacitated. Online networking being, of course, one core element defining the lives we live the 21st century and in this "digital age".

Normality of life and world is temporal, but normality of man is beyond the limits of time. What is a man? What is a man taken independently from any location, from any context? What aspects define normality for man? Consider: no matter if we look back 100 or 1000 years we can often sympathize and familiarize ourselves with people living in vastly different contexts, or the protagonists of the classics in older stories in older literature from centuries past -written by authors of their time reflecting the context of their living directly into the stories written-, why? Because we can see ourselves in them. They have the same kind of dreams and hopes, the same kind of fears, shames and regrets. They get angry over the same kind of issues than we do today, their ideas of "friendship" and "love" are compatible with what we'd write in a school essay. Their thinking and thought, actions and reasoning, behavior etc. are very much the same; context differs, human ingenuity and creativity doesn't. Men of the past and men of today have similar issues and problems, and every time we have managed to come up with even several solutions within a different array of possibilities and tools. These days we use freezers and chemicals to preserve food (an age-old question important for survival), when such technology did not exist, man figured out to use salt, smoking, vinegar or ground-cellars instead. We use cars, planes, trains, and big metal ships to go from point A to point B when once we had carts and carriages, horses, mules, and the good old "Apostle's ride" etc. But even if we only walked, carried by our own feet, we learned the art and craft of building roads and walkways to make it easier; to connect the lands in a nervous and circulatory system of people, goods, and ideas. Short from long; There are things that unite people alive and dead across generations; man's normality. We are curious, we are bound to authority and hierarchy, we are destructively creative and we are social. Man is by normal a social animal building intricate bonds of layers and levels, hence our organization and high-civilizations and nations. There will always be loners and people who prefer solitude, this is perfectly fine in itself, but for the most of us humans being alone or without meaningful contact will lead to insanity and depression, so we'll do anything than be forced to be with only our own thoughts to accompany ourselves; like the poor castaway on a remote island who carves up a face on a coconut and then gives it a name to pretend it is another person. The Normality of sociality is an existential fact not dependent on time nor place. Man's surroundings change, man remains the same at his core, and so his need of others persists.

In approaching the question of this article we must separate between wanting to return to the normality of the issues and problems that plague the 21st-century society and to return to the normality of what it is to be a man with a meaningful livelihood. For a fact, I myself personally and as a Fascist despise the rampant party-culture and the cult of happiness where it seems almost every person's immediate objective and goal in life more or less is to have fun and pleasure above all else; to get drunk, stoned and orgasm'd from casual sex to avoid the pursuit of Truth, purpose and growth. A Desire to get back to where we were before the virus went global is only a wish to get back to being a real human with other REAL humans, not faces on cameras or distant voices from microphones. It is a desire to return to the normality of social contact; the end to "distance this and distance that". We use digital solutions to compensate for the lack of face-to-face relationships, but truly, it will and can never be the same as the "real deal" and until the situation is in control to the point where this practice can be ended we have to bury our pain or lest it will grow worse and more difficult to handle; prolonging any and all chance of restoration. If I had to choose to to do work to earn my living via webcam / email / phone OR instead to work with people "in flesh and bone", I'd choose the latter. We have university students and schoolchildren all dying to get back to class. Even kids who'd normally complain about having to be in school are yearning for a chance get away from zoom and MS Teams.

And for the Fascists of the eternal flame, what hope of change exists at all in the struggle without social contact?! A Fascist (or a non-fascist for that matter) may very well enjoy his own best company and not need many others around, however, one must confirm the fuel of all grand reformations; the people and the network. The path to victory is a wholesome one, The Fascist revolution is not won through the internet, forums, and social media alone. Social contact is a tool and weapon of the struggle, an absolute necessity for any real social change and for a popular movement to be born. the Fascists in-effort has to be out there, with the people, in the public. The Fascist in-effort has to spread the message on the streets and even in the dark corners of alleys. Do you see a druggie on an alley? Take away the joint, tell to him " you do not need that" and then pin the badge of the soldier of the fasces onto their jacket. Give them real purpose in life, real belonging. Save them from the depth of decadence and meaninglessness. For this they will be ever grateful and loyal to you. The Reach and approach of the Fascist must be total as Fascism is total, no half-efforts and all fought with a full arsenal; the internet and its platform is one potent weapon in a belt of weapons, not a doomsday bomb with which a final solution is brought upon the world. In this time of restrictions for gatherings and meeting other people, interacting with them face to face in public, the capacity for a Fascist to strike and impact is inevitably lessened. At the same time, traditional governmental forces have earned newfound respect from the people due to the measures taken to protect them and to end the pandemic. "Populist" forces are either in disarray or uncertain on what to do and losing support with the people.

II] The Fascists have already, through their Fascism and in a certain sense, rejected normality as it is constituted for life and world in the current decade of the 21st century. If we wanted to be normal or play by the rules of normal, we would not choose be Fascists at a time and place where by normal it is left to memory in pages of books and the heads of old people. Being a Fascist in the 21st century is not "normal" nor expected by others, what is normal is to say you are a conservative, a liberal, a democrat, a capitalist, socialist, a social democrat, a green etc. Denominations that support and hold the Democratic standard in the west when Fascism is anti-democratic. Though Fascism has seen growth and expansion, and I am confident it will continue to see, it is not in the general expectations of others to hear people being bona fide Fascists with a serious mind and commitment. "Fascism was destroyed! A thing of the past!" They'll tell you, thinking you are silly; then you will be left with the task of convincing them otherwise, succeed, or perish trying. The Fascist has accepted the risks that come with Fascism; but like Mussolini said, shall not rest until "all power for all Fascism" is and becomes reality so one may live the dream.

Fascism and the Organic Nation-Community

Ferdinand Schafer/Atsuria: Imperial Minister of Truth for the Fifth Empire

[..]"There is no way of exercising a spiritual influence in the world as a human will dominating the will of others, unless one has a conception both of the transient and the specific reality on which that action is to be exercised, and of the permanent and universal reality in which the transient dwells and has its being. To know men one must know man; and to know man one must be acquainted with reality and its laws. There can be no conception of the State which is not fundamentally a conception of life: philosophy or intuition, system of ideas evolving within the framework of logic or concentrated in a vision or a faith, but always, at least potentially, an organic conception of the world."

-The Doctrine of Fascism by Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini.

For Fascism the State is a conception of life; within which citizen-subjects grow and evolve in relationship with the state and with the nation-community. For the Fascist State, the world (of nations) can be seen in organic terms as much as spiritual. What does it mean? The "organic conception of the world" -and therefore the organic conception of the nation and society- as termed by Mussolini can be understood in a variety of manners. The term "organic" itself (often) refers to living organisms, something organic pertains to or is derived from living organism(s). In Finnish (since the writer of this article is Finnish) one of the most commonly used translation is "Eloperäinen", taken literally meaning something which is, "Sourced from life or living". "Elämä" means life itself, "Elo" in this regard is more abstract; it is more of the state of being alive, having the quality of life, and living.

Looking up other -more socially applicable- definitions for "organic" gives a few interesting answers for us:

1) (sociology) describing a form of social solidarity theorized by Emile Durkheim that is characterized by voluntary engagements in complex interdepencies for mutual benefit (such as business agreements), rather than mechanical solidarity, which depends on ascribed relations between people (as in a family or tribe).

2) Instrumental; acting as instruments of nature or of art to a certain destined function or end.

When considering what constitutes unity within (and for) a Fascist State; shared belief, shared identity, shared values and vices et cetera, this can not be a case of Mr. Durkheim's theory. On the contrary, this theory belongs to the category of traits defining our modern democratic "mosaic" societies and nations; how to get people to work together and to enter productive interactions and contracts if all of them stand opposed between one another in ways of thinking and doing? How to produce cooperation within inherent division and difference of loyalties? The Answer is inter-dependence; solidarity is achieved from inter-dependence; the need and necessity of one another to each singular individual in a complex network (in order) to survive and prosper, and this stands contrasting to the collective consciousness of mechanical solidarity; in which the system of dependence is cleaner and simpler, the people form one level and the state another, the State needs the people and the people vice versa need the State. Mechanical solidarity sees society within the individual, organic solidarity sees the individual as the society. An individualistic theory such as Durkheim's theory of organic solidarity can not have a place in Fascism, which emphasizes the community, the family, the city and town, the nation, and the State.

As for the other alternative, destiny- and fate-oriented thinking is [indeed] prevalent in the fascist tradition. Adolf Hitler as the absolute leader (Fuhrer) akin to a Monarch or the "Sovereign" of Thomas Hobbes was seen as the personification of the German nation and people, and Hitler saw to himself and within himself a call of destiny to lead Germany into a new "Golden Age" as a prophet and a messiah; a vision used in National Socialist doctrines to combat traditional Christian religion -seen incompatible by Party seniors and ideologues- and to replace it with "Positive Christianity" or the religion of National Socialism [itself]. Since Hitler was considered the personification of the German nation, the destiny of Hitler was equally the destiny of the German nation; for the people to lift themselves up from their state of disrepair and into newfound power and prosperity. However, can we say [and to what extent if] that the fascists were acting as "instruments of nature or of art" to a specific purpose? Humans are the actors, and humans are of (the) nature. Yet it would undermine the nature of the fascist revolution as a mere puppet and tool of some unseen force with its own ultimate designs, instead of an END IN ITSELF, a popular revolt spawned and sprung up from independent national passion, to achieve (as Stated by IL DUCE in one of his speeches) "All power to all of Fascism".

The problem of definitions for "organic" is that none of them are bound to the particular context of Fascism. Since terminology is easily dependent on context and reference, in order to understand "organic" in the correct sense meant by Fascist philosophers defining an "organic conception" we have to understand and reflect on Fascism. This reflection provides the following considerations:

I) The Organic nation-community as a self-empowering and self-nurturing entity.

When considering organic lifeforms, such as plants and plant-life, how do they thrive and survive? A Plant is not by necessity dependent on man to survive, vegetation existed on Earth long before the first human-ape learned to walk; plants and trees spreading to all four "corners" of the globe; east, west, south and north. Plants draw and source their growth and lifeforce by themselves from the soil, from the air and from the sun; they multiply by spreading their own seeds, produced by the plant itself. Plants grow by their own ability; unlike the "urban jungle" of high-rise apartments, building blocks and skyscrapers constructed by man, needing the handiwork of man to exist and to be made into existence. And where many damaged buildings or constructions will need to be repaired by man and his tools, plants and other organic lifeforms are capable of self-repair and self-healing; many plants and animals regenerate tissue and even whole organs.

An organic nation / society takes this principle and extends it to organized life. An Organic nation-community finds its own power within itself, it grows and stands by (the account of) its own virtue and talent, it repairs itself by its own agents. The Modern parliamentary democracy, with its constant insistence on external alliances and unions (EU, for example) from which to source power, wealth and status is antithetical to the Fascist organic nation. We are not denying nor attacking the virtues and values of diplomacy and inter-national cooperation, but we are attacking the promotion of dependence on externalities and (instead) pursuing autarky as exampled by the merits and accomplishments of the Era Fascista of the DUCE's IIIrd Imperivm Romanvm.

An organic nation is an autarkic nation; self-reliant and self-capable.

II) The Organic nation-community as a whole(someness).

For Fascism, there is no unhealthy division nor disunity within a nation. It is a grand totality of inter-connected elements unified in purpose and in mission; organs of a living and conscious organism, a machine of blood, bone, nerves and muscle. The Passions of the revolution flow through the citizen-subjects of the State, as does blood flow through the veins of man. The Structures and institutions of the State give to it a frame of form and outlook, give to the people stability, security and a platform around which to grow and to which to connect to; as does bone provide for the muscles an anchor to which to connect, and for the man a frame to give form to the size and shape of the individual(s); a skeleton around which an organism forms. The actions and efforts of the people move the nation-state forward, give it momentum and the disposition to execute change, so does the muscles of the skeleton frame enable it to move from one place to the next, but the muscles are useless without command and control, nerves and nerve-connections between muscles and the "grand muscle" of the brain. So too would the actions and efforts of a people be wasted, or even dangerous, without the enlightened direction given by respected and competent leaders and the government (bureaucracy): the nerves and brain of the nation-community.

All elements need one another; a frame of a man is not alive without the muscle to give it motion and stands still; the institutions of the State empty and meaningless without the people to use them and commit to them, going nowhere, achieving nothing. But the people and the muscle are -likewise- dead without passion and blood to energize them, to give them nutrition. And merely being fed, to have energy, does not translate to productivity. Where to go, what to do with the energy at disposal?; we are lacking direction without the synapses of orders given by government and the brain, relayed and enforced by the nerves and by the leaders. An organism is composed of various, mutually-symbiotic building blocs, the Fascist organic nation-community is a conscious entity wherein EVERY part and element plays an important role supporting and complementing the roles of the other parts; The Fascist organic nation-community does not look down upon the janitor or the garbage truck driver, they are the everyday heroes taking care of waste-management and sanitation, factors by which one set of important needs is fulfilled and the present becomes tomorrow in concert with the rest of the organs and appendages of the organism.

III) The Organic nation-community as natural entity contrasting the artificial and the constructed.

An organic nation-community is in existence, and has the right to existence, by its own independent right. European nation-states are a perfect example of entities having formed gradually over time, provided momentum by various specific historical periods, over a set of ethnic belonging with mutually recognized and shared lineage, heritage, culture, traditions, customs, faith, language and environment. An organic nation has this "organic" core, around which it has formed in history. Of course, organism are in a state of constant flux, organism evolve and grow with time and the change of environment; and the composition of the nation likewise can be included with new elements drawn in by a variety of factors, binding and adapting themselves to be harmonious with the core of the organism, that which makes it what it is, ; we speak of immigration and assimilation, a historical phenomena inherent to the curiosity of mankind where interest to the exotic feeds respect, admiration and even love. We want to know what is out there, to experience it, hence the discovery journeys of the 1500's and the advent of space exploration escaping the confines of Earth. The "humanity"and normality of the phenomenon notwithstanding, care must be applied in all matters pertaining to the composition of the national organism and to the changes it faces; parasitism, that which only feeds without giving or contributing, must be combated with determination.

The (Natural) organic fascist nation-state, nevertheless, stands a different reality to the artificially constructed. The legacy of colonisation has given us many such artificial states, which have based their territories and independence on arbitrary lines drawn by colonial masters totally indifferent to ethnic and tribal realities, which has led to internal strife and difficulty, especially in Africa. The United States of America, is another example, created by immigration on soil in which no previous connection to any of the immigrants existed. This is not to deny the right of the "American" to be proud of his belonging or to be nationalistic [within circumstantial limitations] nor to deny that The United States could not [sometime, someday] evolve to become an active Fascist system. It is to point out a historical "peculiarity" inherent to the identity of the United States as an artificial construction with colonialist past; in contrast to which, a nation-state created by the native Americans would have been more natural in-tune with historical and organic development.

Ethnicity, however, does not necessitate a question of race. Furthermore, if a fascist nation-state was to be born within the territory of modern day United States, it would be and should be considered without doubt a moment of NEW BIRTH; a new beginning, one in which the organic core for the would-be fascist american nation-state is defined, within the temporal reality of the moment, and thus the fascist american nation-state state secures its independent right to existence. This new fascist american nation-state would find its core within a cultural and spiritual reality; discarding the weak civic nationalism of the old United States as well as its corrupt corporatocracy and self-deprecating federalism; matters which prevented the old United States from being a truly organic nation-state, no matter its own historical moment of "new birth" in the declaration of Independence and withdrawal from British control, in which it was devised in the form of a loose alliance of peoples respecting vague principles of "liberty and freedom", more so than a nation built around (an organic) core unified by ethnical (cultural) matters, which given the time and place and the "melting pot" nature of the United States and its continuing open immigration policies, would have been impractical the very least.

ALL IN ALL The Fascist Conception of an "organic world" and the organic nation-community is by and large a point of view to human (social) life and organization, it must not be therefore misconstrued as a materialistic notion, inherently contradictory to the spiritual energy of all Fascist passions. For Fascism the world -ideally- comprises of independently acting and self-powerful historically and socio-culturally legitimized cohesive organisms (the organic nation-communities) translating to an "inter-national" world. In contrast to this, we have a world of characterized by invasion and intrusion of organisms by multi-national corporations, by non-national organizations and entities, all exercising significant power and influence. We have even the slow composting of organisms in order to give room to more globalist "super amalgamations" or "hive-minds" in which too much beauty and value is lost for the satisfaction of one bland faceless dominion.

"[...]On the basis of that reality and these forces, Mussolini saw what no statesman had seen before him, namely that the evolution of the organic world — whether one follows the theory of St. Augustine or follows the Darwinian theory — has an evidently ascensional character and consequently: just as it brought men from the cave to the nation conceived as a simple organization, so, slowly but surely, it must lead them to that most perfect form of life which is the nation conceived as a biological organism, endowed with its own conscience, its own will, its own predisposition. - "The Most Common Errors of European Anti-Fascism" by Guido Mastracchio. September 1938.