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(MB Faction) Transbuzhanian Theatre of Operations

Transbuzhanian Theatre of Operations (T-TVO)

Led by: Colonel-General Aleksei Sukhoi


A mixture of Montealban Army remnants, mercenaries, conscripts, and paramilitary forces, the T-TVO is a force held together solely by the force of personality of Colonel-General Aleksei Sukhoi, who has assumed the title of Voivode of Buzhan and plans to reclaim disputed Montealban territories in Nasunia and beyond.

Note: Actual Organization may vary wildly amongst units

Rifle Squad:

Rifle Company: HQ, 3 Rifle Platoons, Fire Support Platoon, 100 men
9 Rifle Squads, 3 MG Teams, 3 FS Teams

Rifle Battalion: HQ, 3 Rifle Companies, Fires Company (Fire Support, Antitank, Air Defense Platoons)
Some Battalions have additional Rifle Companies and Support Platoons

The basic maneuver unit is the Rifle Battalion of ~500-600 soldiers, though actual numbers may be lower due to losses.

T-TVO Headquarters
Location: Krajina
Mobility: Static
Size: 250

First Rifle Regiment
Location: Posava
Mobility: Partially Mechanized
Size: Four Rifle Battalions, RAG, Support

Second Rifle Regiment
Location: Vukovin Corridor
Mobility: Partially Mechanized
Size: Three Rifle Battalions, RAG, Support

Third Rifle Regiment
Location: Krajina
Mobility: Fully Motorized
Size: Two Rifle Battalions, RAG, Support

Fourth Volunteer Rifle Regiment
Location: Delija
Mobility: Partially Motorized
Size: One Rifle Battalion, Support

Independent Heavy Gun Battalion:
Location: Buzhan
Mobility: Fully Tow-Motorized
Size: 30+ tubes

Montealban International Volunteer Guard "Black Tar"
Location: Srpnica
Mobility: Partially Motorized
Size: Two Rifle Battalions

National Reclamation Brigade
Location: Syrma
Mobility: Partially Motorized
Size: Two Rifle Battalions


The standard rifle squad are equipped with 7.62x39mm Assault Rifles - usually indigenous or Soviet AK-47s or AKMs, Yugoslav M70s, or Chinese Type 56s - as well as a machine gun, an RPG-7 launcher, and usually several RPG-18 or RPG-22 systems. Squads will also typically utilize rifle and hand grenades. Light anti-armor systems AT-7 and medium machine guns PK are organized on the company level, while heavier antiarmor systems AT-3, AT-4, AT-5, SPG-9 etc, mortars 82mm and 120mm, grenade launcher fire support systems AGS, and any air defense are organized on the battalion level.

Most rifle units are truck-mounted, using the Ural-4320 and Ural-375D series of vehicles as a standard troop transports. However, higher-readiness units use armored personnel carriers BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80 as standard transports.

Artillery systems are quite mismatched. Each Regiment is responsible for its own Regimental Artillery Group, which include 122mm D-30 and older 122mm M-30 howitzers and 152mm D-20 howitzers. A select few Yugoslav M84 NORA 152mm gun-howitzers have been procured as well, but they are quite scarce. In the Independent Heavy Gun Battalion, 130mm M-46, 152mm 2A65 Msta-B and 152mm 2A36 Giatsint-B guns, as well as extra 152mm D-20 guns, are grouped. No rocket artillery has thusfar been acquired or deployed. Other field guns, include the 100mm BS-3, 100mm T-12, and 85mm D-48, have also been fielded - mostly from ex-Soviet stocks.

Tank systems are comprised of several dozen T-54A and T-55A tanks, grouped at the Regimental level.

Anti-Aircraft systems include SA-7 and SA-14 MANPADS systems, assorted 12.7mm and 14.5mm machine guns, and anti-aircraft autocannons 57mm S-60, several of which are mounted on old ZSU-57-2 systems.

Pleased by:

Heavy artillery
The expansion of Buzhan
establishment of military rule (Stratocracy)
Aggressive actions towards Nasunia
Acquisition of military equipment
Advancing the cause of Buzhan
Destruction of democratic ideals

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