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Partnership for Sovereignty Recommendation: Vote FOR "Liberate The Embassy"


[box][font=Avenir, Avenir Next, Segoe UI][img]https://i.imgur.com/pSO680o.png[/img] [size=170][b][color=0075a9]Liberate The Embassy[/color][/b][/size][/font]

[font=Avenir, Avenir Next, Segoe UI][size=130][b][color=3cb4e5]Voting Recommendation:[/color] [color=green]FOR[/color][/b][/size][/font]

[font=Avenir, Avenir Next, Segoe UI][size=130][b][color=3cb4e5]Reasoning:[/color][/b][/size] [size=110][region]The Embassy[/region] is a historic embassy collector region, and its regional message board has long served as a collective forum for regions of the world to communicate and interact. The Embassy has also produced publications such as The Cable and [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1355623]TourAdvisor[/url], which highlighted different regions and international news in order to provide valuable insight into important events and vibrant communities.[/size][/font]

[font=Avenir, Avenir Next, Segoe UI][size=110]Recently, The Embassy was stormed by raider forces who are now occupying the region. After the occupation, these forces will be able to change the password and remove the remaining native nations, before refounding the region under their permanent control. This will not only rob the native nations of the ability to use the region as an interregional hub for communication but also destroy the existing public record of those communications on the RMB.[/size][/font]

[font=Avenir, Avenir Next, Segoe UI][size=110]The Partnership for Sovereignty stands in support of the right of players to play the game in whatever way makes them happiest, except where that play inhibits the safety of other players or the autonomy of other regions. While some have argued destroying The Embassy is justified as the region is an annoyance, this ignores the value other players find in playing the game in different ways and represents an arrogant effort to push other players into certain play styles. [/size][/font]

[font=Avenir, Avenir Next, Segoe UI][size=110]The Partnership for Sovereignty recommends a vote [b]FOR[/b] "Liberate The Embassy".[/size][/font][/box]