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Potential Trouble Brewing in The Grand Leader

Following large amount of demonstrations against government control and obvious and excessive amounts of fraud in elections, The Dictatorship of The Grand Leader made a surprising move and increased their control, clamped down on protests, declaring death as the penalty for speaking out against the government, and removing the election process entirely. The Grand Leader was always a dangerous nation of extreme conservatism and corrupt dictator leaders, but now they have crossed the line. While Sincluda will try to remain peaceful and neutral in this matter, we will take action if necessary. We recognize that our military is less capable than ours, but our influence on the global stage may lend us support in the form of troops from the Security Council. However, that is a last resort, and we will only do that when they decide to enforce their oppressive views upon other countries, and negotiations fail to convince their Dictator to end his campaign against humanity. I hope nothing horrible becomes of this.