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Bot Privacy

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[box]This dispatch deals with the information users provide to the bot, and messages in private channels that the bot can see. It does not deal with publicly-available information used by the bot, such as nation data retrieved from the NationStates API.

[b]What does the bot see?[/b]

The bot sees the member list, role list, channel list, emojis, webhooks, and settings of any server it is in, and the channel content (messages) of any channel it has permissions to view. It can also see the user ID, username, nickname, avatar, join date, and creation date of any member in any server it is in. Finally, it can see its own private messages. These things are true of all bots.

[b]What does the bot save?[/b]

Each user has a database entry. This entry contains your Discord user ID, the names of your verified nations (until you [font=courier]>drop[/font] them), your usernames, the nicknames you use in servers you share with the bot, the tasks you schedule with the bot (such as [font=courier]>remindme[/font] reminders), your "About" link if you have set one, and your moderation cases (if they were logged with a command like [font=courier]>warn[/font]).

Each server has a database entry. This entry contains the server's Discord ID, its name, its bot settings, a list of user IDs belonging to its unverified users, and a list of user IDs belong to its muted users.

The bot also keeps a record of the commands you use, the private messages (DMs) you send it, and the private messages it sends you.

[b]What can other users see?[/b]

If a server's "full private" setting is enabled, other users on that server cannot see your verified nations with [font=courier]>profile[/font] or [font=courier]>list_nations[/font]. If this setting is disabled, they can use those commands to see all your publicly-verified nations and any privately-verified nations that you verified on that server.

Server moderators can see your username history (only recorded while you share servers with the bot), the nicknames you have used on their server (see previous), and your moderation history on their server. If the server's "full private" setting is enabled, server moderators can still see all your publicly-verified nations and any privately-verified nations that you verified on that server.

Any user can see your "About" link using the [font=courier]>profile[/font] command.

[b]What can the operator of the bot see?[/b]

Normally, the exact same things that any other user can see--just the channels that I am in, and the output of public bot commands. I can also view a server's bot settings, the list of nations a user has verified, a user's bot command history, and the private messages a user has exchanged with the bot. I do this if it has been requested of me for troubleshooting purposes.

[b]Does the bot read, store, or request personal or personally identifying information at any time for any reason?[/b]


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