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Foreign Office

Welcome to The Foreign office, We are responsible for keeping records of relations of Townsvalley with The Word & Regions.

[AVIATION]: Our Connections With other Airports
[Our Airline]▶ Townsvalley International Citizen Airline [TIA]

[Our Airports]▶ Although every province has it's own airport (300 Provinces) , Most Prominent Are:
▸Townsvalley International Airport [TVA]
▸Newlands International Airport [NIA]
[Our Connections]
TVA,NIA ⇆ UIA - Kids country

TVA,NIA ⇆ Lorrana City International Airport
TVA ⇆ Mopor Zeb Airport
- Lorrana.

NIA ⇆ CA. Cereskia

NIA (B4,Pier 1,TIA577) ⇆ DBI - Delacia

NIA ⇆ EIA | Royal Astoria | TIA - Commonwealth Of Astoria
TIA ⇆ Warsaw Chopin Airport
Żwirki i Wigury, 00-001 Warsaw, Poland
TIA ⇆ Lisbon-Portela Airport
Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisbon, Portugal
- European Federation Reunified
300 Provinces of Townsvalley ↼ Mountainus Airways - Mountainus


1. Sidus, Valkea - factory in Hekshire,Proatica

1. ZEETA - Lorrana
2. InterZ - Zarnicovia nova

1. IFTC Permanent Member - Nova Kartago
2. Hekshire Commercial Zone - Lubiar

1.Intion North - Embassy
2.Austro-Hungarian Slavia
3.Ministry of Economics Headquarters in Newlands - Cereskia

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Townsvalley has Embassies with All members of C.S.O. & Nations it has alliance or relation/partnership with. Townsvalley has closed embassies with all nations other than them, and a new system is established to redevelop embassies with the nations.
1.Mithradia - SR RP
2.The Soviet States of Europe
3.Pagan wessex - The World
6.Alexander the Magnus
7.Mon Island
8.Dauwab - The World
9.Countesia - 21 Whitbury Road | The World
10.Ionida - The World
11.Astares Amauricanum - The World