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Europeian Statement on Anti-Fascist Quorum Raids

Contact Information (Discord): moe#7620

(Europeia, 28/01/2020) - Recently, The North Pacific issued a statement regarding the latest quorum raids it initiated to prevent a Security Council resolution from going to vote. The Security Council in question was a liberation attempt for the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators (CCD), a region with a fascist history whose sincerity to overcome that history is shadowed with doubt. The North Pacific was able to successfully prevent the resolution from going to vote after an extensive telegram campaign and, as a last resort, these aforementioned quorum raids.

Europeia has a history of opposing fascism and Nazism in NationStates, and we will continue to do so vigorously. It has no place in our community and where it sets foot in the NationStates community at-large, we strive to defeat it. We support the decisive actions undertaken by The North Pacific in order to prevent CCD from garnering the international attention it seeks without reservations and thank them for their transparent and clear communication on the matter. Whenever possible, we will work with our allies to ensure opposition to fascism.

We have taken note that some regions will oppose future quorum raids targeted towards such resolutions, and that they would only approve of such quorum raids that result in the removal of approvals from Fascist regions, but we disagree with even the notion that this course of action would be sound or effective policy. Not only would this make it difficult to combat future resolutions, it also sets a dangerous precedent of prioritizing military alignment over combating fascism. While the regions who approved this resolution may not be fascist, the act of condoning such a proposal to go to vote after telegram campaigns can't be understated

Over the last 24 hours, CCD has issued its own statement attempting to defame the current delegate of McMasterdonia. It is clear that this statement only goes to spread false claims and mischaracterizations against actions undertaken by The North Pacific to counter fascism as an ideology. It is important to know that CCD had launched an earlier attempt to overthrow the government of The North Pacific nearly a year ago. We stood by our allies then, and we will continue to do so now. The only thing the statements by CCD have achieved were reaffirming that they have no genuine interest in reforming themselves and are putting on a show.

The Republic of Europeia is in full support of the actions taken by The North Pacific, and will continue to support anti-fascist military operations in the future, including quorum raiding if necessary, just as The North Pacific did in this situation. We will continue to use the tools at our disposal to uphold our strict antifascist stance, and we look forward to continued cooperation with like-minded regions in the future.