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Card Hunger Games - Seventh Run Announcement!

~~~ Card Hunger Games ~~~
Seventh Run Announcement

by Waiban, Harmonic Empire

Heyaaaa! Long time, no see, fellas, it is me Waibān. Now I know you’ve been waiting, so I’ll make it quick. The Seventh Run of the Card Hunger Games is here! A total of 48 players can join, but remember, for every player that gets eliminated, we are going to execute one tree! Don’t ask why.

How to Participate & Rewards
This event will be different, of course. That’s because it’s free! FREE! Hell, even the next game (coming soon, by the way) will be free! Anyone and everyone can join… but only one account per person. No puppets allowed! Winners can get one of any of the juiciest and succulent LEGS they’d like from this collection. Remember, slots are limited and are given on a “first come, first served” basis, so register now through TGs or Discord DMs and I’ll see you soon!

Potential CHG rewards can be seen here: page=deck/collection=33878

Survives till last
Reward: 1 Legendary Card


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[Published 24/01/2021]