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(Unfinished) A Commentary on the Conch Creed

Below is a full commentary on the document of the Conch Creed. Per the DMCA in the United States, this falls under fair use as it is for a significantly transformative purpose with respect to the original document, written by August, New Jaedonstan, and Balan Bar.

Article One
1. The document here enclosed, by the authority of the People of Conch Kingdom, is established as the sole and indisputable legal code of the region and all her territories and shall be acknowledged as such by all entities, present and future, foreign and domestic.
The fact that this is the sole legal code of the region does imply the necessity of the inclusion of Conch Kingdom's full legal code in the Conch Creed, including all laws, bylaws, and amendments for purpose of the validity of the laws therein. Furthermore, this prevents coups of Conch Kingdom from passing any legitimate means of government, as the Conch Creed will always be the legitimate legal code of Conch Kingdom.

2. Establishment of a government
1. This document shall contain five Articles. These Articles shall lay out the structure of the government, and will contain all the laws, codes, and statutes of the land. No law shall be considered legitimate outside of those put forth in this document either as amendments or articles.
2. The government of the region shall be known as the Constitutional Monarchy of Conch Kingdom.

This implies legally, given the structure of Article IV, that Article IV as a whole is a law, in other words, the law outside of the Constitution. On the other hand, perhaps 'articles' is not necessarily a term that implies 'Articles of the Constitution', but is instead a term that implies mere individual laws.

3. Privileges held by residents
1. All residents are entitled to certain privileges, which take effect immediately upon their entry into the region, and expire upon their departure. No law shall be made to restrict these privileges. Any violation of these rights will not be tolerated by the Constitutional Monarchy.

This implies that the rights enumerated below are inalienable, but are solely residency-based. For example, a member who is banned from the region no longer has the rights below, and neither does a member who leaves momentarily and the government then decides to take action against, as examples.

2. A resident is defined as a single, human person controlling a single nation within the confines of this region and all its territories. No resident will be permitted to control more than one nation.
This implies that all actions, if performed by multiple nations belonging to one resident (e.g. voting) must be treated as single actions. For example, no resident may be allowed to vote with more than one nation, and if two votes are recorded, a reasonable remedy is that one must be discarded.

3. These privileges are as follows.
i. All residents may give, receive, withdraw, and otherwise exchange endorsements freely without fear of repercussion.
ii. All residents may vote in general elections held by the Constitutional Monarchy.

Subsubsection ii. implies the possibility that special or by-elections may not need to be open to all residents, as a side note.

iii. All residents may contest the position of World Assembly Delegate at any time.
iv. All residents may express their thoughts freely without fear of repercussions unless those thoughts endanger the state or breach the rules of good conduct.
v. All residents may contest the position of any government office.

Subsubsection v. implies that no government office shall have any requirements for office that might exclude a resident on unchangeable features (e.g. the WA Delegate may not be contested by non-WA members, obviously, but excluding someone because of, say, nationality IRL would be forbidden).

4. Government of Conch Kingdom
1. The region must possess an Executive Branch.
i. This branch shall contain a Founder, a World Assembly Delegate, and at least three Ministers
ii. Members of the Executive Branch shall hold the responsibility of enforcing the laws of the region, acting on behalf of the region in all matters concerning foreign affairs, facilitating elections, managing recruitment and retention, planning events, curating roleplay-related resources, regulating its own procedures, and maintaining the regional code of law.
2. The region must possess a Legislative Branch.
i. This branch shall contain five representatives elected from among residents, by all residents.
ii. Congress shall hold the responsibility of electing a Speaker of the Legislature, and of passing legislation or amendments proposed by residents of Conch Kingdom.

This section implies first that the branches of government must exist, and implies that the powers of these branches are non-negotiable and unencroachable.

Article Two