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Alinnian Herald: Vol 1, Issue 3 -- "Alinnian Potential" [OP-ED]

Alinnian potential is unmatched, but we must utilize it for what it is worth
An OP-ED by Senator Ellison Edwards

The theatrics of politics are indeed unlike no other. Over the past couple of months, we've seen partisanship take a firm grip over our nation in an attempt to conform it into something that it is not. We must actively resist this change because it dooms those on which it takes effect. Our democracy is not perfect; it was never meant to be. Yet we cannot underestimate the power of those who wish us ill and who cheer at the sight of our nation divided.

The December election has come and gone. The President has been inaugurated and her Cabinet confirmed. Why must we continue with petty, childish acts based from political vigor? An election is symbolic in any democracy insofar as it shows the world that despite there being political differences, despite us not getting along every step of the way, that we may rise up and place unity above division. Our citizens need to see that from us. Words have no promise or meaning until they are acted upon. We must put our differences aside (to an extent) and work for the betterment of the nation, first and foremost. Our people depend on that bipartisanship more than we will ever come to know. This nation's potential is unmatched, but we must utilize it for what it is worth. As I've spoken, compromise is a largely important concept in domestic politics; therefore, if my Democratic colleagues will entertain this opinion, I think the nation shall set forth in a productive manner.

Our national employment rate has lingered around 53-54% for months. We are only in the top 86% of the world and in the top 82% of the Democratic Socialist Assembly. In a nation of 3.266 billion people, this is certainly a disappointing statistic, to say the least.

Our taxation rate remains exuberantly and shockingly high--68 percent! The government is reaping what hard-working Alinnians sow and yet they see no evidence of an investment into the nation with such a low employment rate. Our ranking there? Alinn ranks in the top 17% of the WORLD in terms of taxation rate.

Our manufacturing sector remains stifled by extremely restrictive climate-related legislation which does more harm than good. Currently, our country sits in the top 86% of the world in manufacturing. How disappointing. We could be exporting more Alinnian goods and putting money into Alinnian pockets if we began to place manufacturing as a priority in our national budget and legislative agenda.

The same may be said for our agriculture (top 74%), arms manufacturing (top 62%), and automobile manufacturing (top 58%) sectors. We are falling behind other nations and the world at a very quick pace. Until we can give these businesses the freedom to operate, hire workers, and sustain productivity, Alinn will remain a desolate nation for companies wishing to invest in those sectors. Alinnians need jobs. We can create millions of jobs within these sectors alone.

As a sitting Alinnian Senator, I'm shocked, disgusted, and extremely disappointed. I can only imagine how many Alinnian lives are suffering as a result of the government's horrific inaction. It is not entirely President Sindevir's fault that the government has remained inactive on resolving these issues. I feel the problem began a while ago but politicians were blinded by their own self-interest and greed to remain vigilant of them on behalf of the Alinnian taxpayer. Nonetheless, I am convinced that no lawmaker or sitting President can absolve themselves from the responsibility of working with their colleagues, regardless of party, in constructing meaningful and effective legislation and implementing policy which directly assists the Alinnian taxpayer pull themselves out of the dark depths of economic and financial insecurity.

I think Democrats and Republicans can agree that something must be done about this, and it must be done quickly. There is so much to celebrate about our great nation and we must not allow the divisive nature of politics to ruin what we cherish and hold dear to our hearts--our great republic. I am hopeful for the remainder of President Sindevir's term that both parties may come to the "bargaining table" so that we are able to produce these types of legislation. I will remain as fierce in these discussions and deliberations as I have presented myself in this letter. The Alinnian people have my promise. While I have been elected to serve the federal interests of those residing in the great district of Portland, I serve ALL Alinnians in my purpose to work for a better nation to the best of my ability. So help me God.