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Region of the Week: The West Pacific

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[i]Contact Information (Discord): Giovanniland#8272[/i]

(Europeia, 22/01/2020) - A Region of the Week event was held together with The West Pacific (TWP)
 between January 7 and January 14, the first of these events fully held 
in 2021.

Europeia and TWP have been treatied allies since 2016, following a 
Treaty of Friendship signed under then-President Trinnien and TWP 
Delegate Elegarth.

Owing to this long-standing friendship, President Pichtonia announced 
the event on January 6. Celebrations then started on the following day 
with a "get to know you" voice chat, and the following days saw several 
games being hosted by Baobab, Giovanniland and Rotasu.

Sessions of Skribbl.io, Among Us, Secret Hitler, Board Game Online, 
Trivia, and Uno happened throughout the event, in which members from 
both regions participated in order to have fun and strengthen the ties 
between the two regions. Options to play games with bots were also 
available, such as Taco Shack and Pokémon.

Other activities besides games also happened, such as daily polls hosted
 by Minister of Culture Lime and Minister of Foreign Affairs Monkey 
covering interesting topics. Furthermore, Grand Admiral Kazaman 
organized a tag raid together with pirates from The West Pacific Armed 
Forces in the last day of the event, hitting over twenty regions.

Europeia thanks TWP for a very active Region of the Week event, and 
hopes that the friendship between the two regions will last for many 
years to come.


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