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Pancanistan Empire (Alternate History of Wintreath Chronicles)

Warning: This is just an alternate history and will never be Use but the pure intention is just for fun and not for RPing purposes

Nation Name: Pancanistan Empire

Government: 2 Ways Monarchy

Emperor: David I
Emperor: Bif Booga
Empress: Angel I

In this Alternate Scenario The WCW Do actually happens and what happens after that is that Pancanawe Republic and Trashkanistan73 begin A Union and formed the new Pancanistan Empire their conquest begins with the declaration of War towards WARPP and thus begins the 2nd Nugget War and in this alternate Universe somehow the Pancanistan Wins the War and making them force to be annex by the New Empire. As A New Age approaches for the Pancanistan Empire they begin to swoop on a military conquest throughout Wintreath and manage to bring down most nations including The Stigyan Triumvirate in the period known as the Revenge War which is for the Purpose of Bringing them to be annexed to the new super militaristic Power, Nations of Wintreath begin to form alliances or an Anti-Pancanistan Pact and soon to a forces reckon with. And somehow They United into a Free Wintreath alliance which is the Goal of Bringing Pancanistan Empire down and thus the Great Wintreath War begins and till this day The Pancanistan Empire remains the Superpower of Wintreath

The Great Wintreath War: Pancanistan wins this war there is a chance that they are gonna to start expanding towards the Unknown Region and start to conquer more nations Outside of Wintreath and with now nobody to stop The Pancanistan Empire they can begin to conquer strong nations such as The Citadel of Wei Yan and much more. There will be more alliance devout to Attack Pancanistan Empire but at this point the Superpower was just too Strong to be stop with and now if you imagine You were Pancanistan then The Nations that are gonna be part of the conquest are just like ants but they can't climb on you. Its like a massacre and Pancanistan Empire devout all nations that stand in their way which led to the
The Nationstates War!

Society: Pancanistan Empire's Society was like an everyday society, Of course we can see high class nobles to Poor Farmers but they will live in a metropolis intergalactic Society, Which you can see it yourself like high buildings, Spaceships, Star Cruisers, And More. The Government is a 2 Ways Monarchy which we can see by David I and Bif Booga leading the Empire. Some decisions can be agreed on but some didn't and sometimes can lead to bickering but David I And Bif Booga are kinda like brothers so its possible that most decision can come to an agreement.