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I don't really have much to say about myself, but here goes:

Hi, I'm Socialist Macronesia. Just use SoMac, though, because I'd be kidding if I told you I enjoyed typing the full name out all the time. Anyway, I've been an NS player for a year now, and first of all, I would like to point out that I don't consider myself a particularly notable player here; I don't have any alts, passion projects, or anything like that. This is the only nation I have, so if anyone claims to be me, they aren't. But yeah, I'm not really well known (or at least now, I'm ramping up my F7 posting schedule as the retcon processes). If you've heard of me before, it's-- well, just take a look at my CV.

Things You Might Know Me For

Chances are, you've heard of me for at least one of these reasons.

You, the viewer, may be wondering

Yes, but what the hell is this nation about?

It's actually quite simple to explain: it's a combination of pop culture references, Tom Clancy novels, █████ █████, broken glass and rocks, and a person with little free time and too much small arms knowledge. If you need to know more, TG me and ask, and I'll come up with some sort of logical explanation or answer, at least until the new Q&A comes in.

Now, since it's going to inevitable come up on this platform, I might as well get... these out of the way. Here goes nothing.

That's everything I've got to say now. See you around the forums.

The UB-32 of Socialist Macronesia