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77th Senate of Europeia Elected


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(Europeia, 19/01/2020) - Europeia held its Senate election on Saturday, January 16. Fifteen
candidates campaigned for up to ten seats, the largest pool of
candidates since the August 2016 Senate election. The current Senate is
the 77th in Europeia's rich political history.

Citizens voted for their preferred candidate as well as their preferred
Senate size. Seven senators won direct election after the citizenry
expressed their preference for a seven-person Senate, with a nine-person
Senate coming in second.

The following candidates were elected to the Senate: Lloenflys, Monkey,
Calvin Coolidge, Xecrio, UPC, GraVandius, and Baobab. The remaining
candidates that ran for the Senate were Rotasu, Peeps, Kharn, Klatonia,
Izzy, Koroniti, Hezekon, and Scottie.

Upon taking office, the Senate elected Senator Calvin Coolidge as
speaker in a 4-2-1 vote against Lloenflys. This is Calvin Coolidge's 2nd
term as speaker. "What an honor it is to be here as the Speaker of the
77th Senate," the second-time speaker said in an address to open the
Senate for the term.

"[The Senate] is the place for political debate and discussion,
and where a lot of change in the region can happen, should the Senate
wish to do so," said Speaker Calvin Coolidge in sharing his thoughts
about the upcoming Senate. "The group that has been assembled by the
voters this time around clearly has their eye on lively, spirited
debates that, while not groundbreaking, are certainly a welcome change
of pace." He appointed Lloenflys his Deputy Speaker.

The next election in Europeia will be the presidential election, to be held in 31 days.


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