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A Word From Beepee

A Word From Beepee

Fellow Teaspoons,

The polls have closed. We all await, now, the verification of the results by our glorious Electoral Commissioner.

The early indications are that I, your most humblest, Beepee have edged past the mighty Rebel-topia to be nominated as Delegate Elect.

To be honest, I am as surprised as you are.... however I am very grateful to everyone who thinks of me as being most suitable for the role. And thank you for exercising your political might.

I wish to thank both Rebel and Qvait for their excellent campaigns.  It was a wonderful election process. I am sure both will one day rule tSP with their fair hands.

Once the verification has been confirmed, I shall move behind the mahogany desk and work towards a safe and peaceful transition and I hope to lead you humbly yet bravely over the next six months.

In the meantime, if you find the time to endorse me that would be lovely.