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Foreign Affairs Ministry of Thaecia | Update | 18th Jan 2021

Update from Thaecia | 18th January 2021


A Short Introduction

Hello there, thank you for reading this update from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Thaecia! In this update, we will cover a variety of recent happenings and changes to our Foreign Affairs policies included but not limited to the opening and closure of embassies and military operations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send a telegram or discord ping to me, Andusre (@Yeet#9719).

Opening of Embassies with 10000 islands and the Rejected Realms

On December 21st 2020, embassies were constructed with 10000 islands (XKI) and the Rejected Realms (TRR). Thaecia recently has been undertaking experimentation in the realm of raiding/defending (R/D) and we are excited to see what comes of these new relationships go as they develop further, wherever that may be whether in R/D collaboration or elsewhere. These developments have prompted the Secretary of Defence of Thaecia, Brototh, to pledge not to partake in raids of XKI's embassy regions and it is widely expected that legislation will be put to the Thaecian Congress to prohibit the practice of griefing occupied regions in Thaecian law.

Whilst both such regions are staunch defender regions, we wish to stress that this does not constitute Thaecia declaring itself to be a defender region. We retain our unaligned/independent status on the R/D dichotomy.

Islonia has been appointed as the Thaecian diplomat to XKI and Dokansia has been assigned to Thaecia in return. Saint Songbird had been assigned as the Thaecian diplomat to TRR, but has since resigned after pursuing TRR citizenship; a replacement will be appointed shortly. Chimes has been assigned as the diplomat to Thaecia.

Closure of Embassies with India & Lorania

On the 3rd January 2021, the embassy shared between Thaecia and India was closed. This decision was taken by Thaecia after concluding that the content highlighted by Refugia was not consistent with our embassy requirement of not tolerating bigotry. The ensuing Indian response, which many found to be inadequate, was also considered.

The day after the closure of India's embassy with Thaecia, Lorania's embassy followed suit. We reached out to the Loranian Foreign Affairs Devionsa as soon as we saw their order to withdraw the embassy for justification. We were immediately deferred to Excalium Nova, otherwise known as Dale, whose main nation resides in Karma and who recently gained control of Lorania's founder account. Lorania's justification was, to the best of our understanding, that the regional government of Lorania pursued a diplomatic relationship with Karma but was rejected due to their embassy with Thaecia. The Loranian government thereafter deemed a diplomatic relationship with Karma more valuable than with Thaecia. It was made unambiguously clear throughout discussions with Loranian officials that whilst we disagreed with that assessment, we respect Lorania's decision and their right to self-determination. We regret their decision to close our embassy, but wish them all the best in all future endeavours nonetheless.

The Thaecian Military

The Thaecian military, known as the Thaempirial Army, has taken part in several operations since its foundation late last year. These have included the liberations of The Spaghetti Land and Indonesia Raya, along with participation in Operation Boom Beach and an anti-fascist operation against the region of GroBgermanisches Reich. Some members of the Thaempirial Military have also taken part in tag raids with organisations such as the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) and the East Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA), in combination with chasing exercises with organisations like The Grey Wardens (TGW) and the Ten thousand Island Treaty Organisation (TITO). The Thaempirial Army will be looking to get involved with more operations in the future as it seeks to train its members the further the region delves into R/D gameplay.

House of Commons Elections Concluded

Thaecia's bicameral legislature saw its lower house face elections at the end of December into early January, and with elections now concluded, the results have been released. The successful candidates are: Snowflame (otherwise known as Steak), Bahnhof, United States of Edingbridge, Tavallo, Rhodesae, Peabodia, Sevae, Cirrus Azale, Zon Island, Angypt, Trist Paradise, Adomania, Mafsachuffets Bay, Ermica and Evile. With Snowflame being elected the Speaker of the House and thus being granted control of the chamber's legislative agenda, expected hot topics this term are the reduction of the size of Congress, military legislation & the invention of caucuses, most notably the 'Thaeconservative' caucus - a group of MPs whose beliefs can generally be described as sceptical of widescale sweeping reforms to the structure of Thaecia's government.

Population & World Assembly Numbers

Thaecia's population recently increased following a refreshed and rejuvenated recruitment drive beginning in early October, bringing the region from 250 nations to a peak of around 420 nations by early December. December brought with it a difficult month for the recruitment drive, though, as enthusiasm for the drive waned, as WA population declined for the 7th month of 2020, and as recruiters became increasingly occupied by real life commitments. This caused a population decline from the peak at 420 nations to around 340 nations, where the region's numbers seem to be holding fairly steady. It is the intention of the Home Affairs Ministry of Thaecia to resume gaining nations as soon as is feasibly possible, and actions & apparatus have been put in place to facilitate that.

In terms of World Assembly population, Thaecia's WA population peaked in late November-early December at around 195 WA nations. This number has since contracted to around 155 at the time of writing. It is noteworthy that approximately 10-15 nations residing in Thaecia who are normally members of the WA are currently partaking in Operation Boom Beach, and as such we expect an increase in this number once the operation concludes as WAs return to us.

The endorsements of the Thaecian WA Delegate, The Marconian State followed the aforementioned trends, rising to around 155 in early December and declining thereafter to its current number sitting at around 130 endorsements.

Thaecia's Second Birthday Looms!

On the 22nd January 2021, Thaecia will celebrate its second birthday. The region has seen many great people come, and sadly seen some go, over these two years and has changed an unimaginable amount since then. The region is excited to celebrate its second birthday and looks forward with optimism and hope to the year ahead.

Concluding Words

Thank you very much for reading this update from Thaecia, and we hope that if you have any queries or questions about anything mentioned in this update, that you do not hesitate to contact us. Updates like these will likely not be released on a rigid and regular basis, and will instead be written and released when deemed fit by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Many thanks,
Foreign Affairs Minister of Thaecia