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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2021-01-18

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

January 2021 - Week 1 - Vice Delegate's Update 311

Hey, everyone!

For this report, I opted to manually access current endorsements and influence for all nations on the report rather than rely on the daily updates. Numbers are relative to last week's report, not the one I made for my opening address. This should offer a more complete look at how the transition's going thus far. I decided to split up this report by category for easier readability. Without further ado:

The Transition
Things are proceeding as foreseen, with McM and I assuming endorsement positions 13 and 12, respectively. I've been sending out regular telegram and dispatch alerts for both of us, with McM being the priority. Additionally, the Ministry of Home Affairs has released a special telegram list for its staffers aimed at further boosting our endorsement levels. At this point, we're both within 70 endorsements of the ingame delegate. We've also regained the vast majority of our lost keepers, with only 23 to go. WA numbers are holding steady.

Now, onto the more interesting stuff: Tlomz is not actively endotarting at this point, and is losing endorsements. Dreadton is in a similar state, having fallen to position 4. This is nothing to be concerned about, seeing as both Pallaith and Sundred are capable of temporarily holding the ingame delegacy. This won't have any bearing on the final stage of the transition beyond the holder of the ingame seat being better versed in managing their endorsements for a transition.

Citizen Checks
9 checks on 8 people done over the past few days since taking office; all passed. I plan to start sending a "VD mentoring" forum DM the next time I pass someone for the Vice Delegate's check.

2020 WADP Survey
The survey's currently at 84 responses, and I sent out another TG advertising it earlier today. I intend to publish survey results in a few days. Overall, turnout has been quite promising, and people's responses have been a pleasure to read.

On the backend, we're going to have a considerably easier time keeping track of what needs to be redacted going forward. Progress on disclosure is moving along, and the SC and admins have been a huge help thus far.

I've been striving to maintain an active presence on the RMB and in the executive, and things have been proceeding quite smoothly in that vein. Expect a SC VC and game night later this month, along with the release of the first TNS monthly SC review. My drafts for the SC survey and handbook are at the point where I'm comfortable sharing them with the wider SC. I've also updated the OP of the VD's Desk thread, and archived the LinkSC Public Comment Forum due to redundancy and lack of activity. Overall, the term is starting off without a hitch, and my agenda for the next 4 months should progress as planned. As always, feel free to leave any comments or concerns in Linkthis thread.


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