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Establishment of the Colonial News Service

I am pleased to announce the foundation of The Colonial News Service. This paper is being established to operate as our main line of foreign communications with our embassy regions here on Nationstates. This will also serve as a roundup point for all general information that one might have missed out on over an extended absence from the CSS. The CNS will be ran by the Ministry of Operations and distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon completion of new editions. Iím hoping for an at least once a month release, but this could change depending on how fast or slow the news comes about. My hope is that no matter how large or infrequent the updates, that we provide quality information on the happenings of the CSS to our friends abroad.

Alongside this announcement, I am also pleased to bring along the CNSí first News Editor. Dex, aka Samper Losand, has agreed to join me in this endeavor. Dex will be taking on the role of News Editor, being in charge of writing articles to put into the paper. This articles can range from legislative coverings to elections to roleplay news and everything in between. While Iíll be holding the role of Chief Editor, Dex is going to be credited as a writer and editor alongside myself. Dex has proven to be a quality writer with the for fun papers heís written on the discord server and I look forward to seeing the quality writing he brings forth in an official capacity with the CNS.

So Say We All!