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My Last Factbook on this account

Greetings comrades! You've probably noticed the name of this factbook, and I guess in a way its true. This is probably the last thing that'll come out of this account. On January 17th, 2021, I will stop logging into this account, allowing it to CTE quickly. By then, that'll be.. The end of this long overdue chapter in my NS history.

I understand that is a large portion of history that's going to be lost - but to be frank, I've realized by this point that most of what was a large portion of my history was removed when the TNP RP mods decided to remove my nation from their map. Arguments aside whether it was right or wrong, that was probably the most significant part of my NS history, and over the most idiotic thing ever. But meh, I guess it makes sense. While I'm on that topic, I'd like to state, quite publicly, while I may visit TNP occasionally, while I may be kind to many of the people there, even the people that tossed me out, I have no respect for that region nor the people that tossed me out. The people there I'm fine with, I'll add. But not a single shred of respect for the people that tossed me out. Tossing me out for a map factbook that can easily be reproduced in 30 minutes is a dumb decision. And I'm not joking when I say that, I even tested it out, I managed to successfully replicate the old SR factbook in 30 minutes. That argument I had with those mods was moronic to be frank, especially on my own side. But regardless, that's not the central point of this factbook.

The point is, this long over due chapter in my NS history is over. I'll be no longer active on this account, and I will no longer use this account. Now, many may ask why? Why am I leaving this nation?

To be frank, I've gotten tired of this nation. I made this account when I was a moronic 13 year old and I based the lotion part of my name off a real life nickname I used to have, because it sounded so close to my IRL name. I used the name Lotion quite alot back then. Nowadays, I've matured, and I next to never use the name, and I prefer not too. I want my nation to be taken with enough seriousness. I've essentially constructed and worked my hardest to create a full fledged nation with content, and its disheartening that the only thing that can be taken from it is "Lotion lmao" or "Lmao, Lotion Empire, do u create the best lotion of all time??? xDDDD" - Keep in mind, I was alright with these jokes, and I don't blame anyone for making them. Hell, I probably would've made worse jokes. (And to anyone that made those jokes - dont feel guilty, I honestly don't blame you) But, I am tired of these jokes, and I'm tired of the constant Lotion references. And as NationStates lacks a rename feature, I've decided to get rid of this account.

For those wondering if this is the end of my NS career - not necessarily, because I have already made plans for the future, and I've already made a new main account Omsk Omsk. With the end of the Lotion Empire, I suppose a new chapter begins for me for Omsk Omsk. Farewell all. Have a great year.

Lotion empire