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Application For Politika

1. Nation name: First Anarchy Test ( I was going to change it but it wouldn't let me)

2. World Assembly membership: My nation, Tribuum Chao, is a member of WA

3. Other identities: Currently only Tribuum Chao and Me Say No, although I plan to add more

4. Other regions/organizations: Sonindia, another one I forgot the name of

5. Experience: A few months

6. Discovery: A recruitment telegram

7. Discord username: TheGoldUnikorn

8. Timezone: Central Standard Time

9. Reasons for joining: Roleplay

9. Participation: Yeah!

10. Activity: Specifically NationStates? Once a day so I can deal with Issues

11. Location: A nice, sunny island would be nice!

12. Features: You know those stereotypical islands with the palm forests, a beach, and a volcano? That'd be cool

13. Backup: A desert oasis

First anarchy test