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Best01 And Alaska trade deal

THEBEST01 and Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes Deals.
  1. Signed on 3/02/2020.
    The Alaska government decided to purchase 10 RAFAEL JETS. The total cost is 1 billion dollar. The Alaska government had to pay only 600 million cash and rest 400 million will be directly invested by Alaska government in Platform FDI in Agriculture sector.Also the Alaska government can't produce or sell or gift this aircraft to any country.The expected delivery date is JAN 2022.

  2. Signed on 1/02/2020.
    The Best01, Italy and Alaska government had decided to make a space station together. The cost of creating and maintaining it will be 50 billion dollars and 1 billion dollar maintenance. The cost distribution will be 40:40;20. With the other two government paying 80% for the project. The profit will be equally shared and it is free to use for three nation unless it harms the space station. It is expected to be completed by 2026.

  3. Signed on 1/03/2020
    The Best01 government had decided to put a Alaskan satellite in space with RISAT. It would cost 20 million which is agreed.

  4. Signed on 14/06/2020
    The Best01 government will purchase 220 million tonnes of oil for 45 billion dollars. The deal is cancelled.

  5. Signed on 1 July, 2020
    The best01 government had decided to supply 20 million Vaccine at the cost of $100 million.

  6. October 14, 2020.

    Alaska Hawaii and the Aleutes wrote:QNC
    Today we declare a trade deal between Romoan and us. They will sell us 1.3 million tonnes of trash for 1.1 billion every month starting November. We hope for further cooperation

    OOC: I'm gone for a few hours, cya.

    Deal is cancelled by 11 December, 2020.

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