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Best01 and Antunio Trade deals

THEBEST01 and Antunio Deals.
  1. Signed on 10/01/2020.
    Best01 government decided to buy 220 million tonnes at the cost of 80 billion. This deal is cancelled on 14 June,2020. So from next year we won't buy from here.

  2. Signed on 1/02/2020.
    Both signed to be the part of the Environmental group.

  3. Signed on 01/03/2020
    To meet the request of 4 billion dollars made by Antunio. The government had decided to purchase additional oil worth of 4 billion. Also Best01 would open a port and airport in Antunio. It will be used for commercial purposes only and can be used for military purpose in case of emergency.

  4. Signed on 14 June,2020.
    A deal had been signed between Antunio and Best01 government for 1 million vaccine doses at the cost of 5 million. It will be delivered by 15 July,2020.