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State Department Of Foreign Affairs

State Department of Foreign Affairs

It is a request to all the regions requesting for an embassy with the region of New Western Empire (or NWE) to go through the requirements and ensure they meet the basic criteria and hence apply. Do note that exceptions may be made, but that will be up to the Director of Foreign Affairs to decide at their discretion. In order to apply for a embassy you must join the LinkDepartment of Foreign Affairs Discord

The basic requirements for opening an embassy with the region stands as follows:

  • Must have an active RMB, or an off-site chat (preferably Discord). this will be the number one indicator of whether or not we choose to pursue diplomatic relations.

  • Must have a World Assembly Delegate

  • Having a minimum of 10, or 20%, of its nations in the World Assembly.

  • Generally 30 nations is desirable at the time it requests for an embassy. Unless significantly below 40, this will be not used as a dis-qualifier.

  • Must be willing to send over delegates and accept ambassadors from the region.

  • Must respect the region's core values of Democracy & Freedom of Speech.

if your region meets any of the following it may result in the closure of the embassy between our regions.

  • A sudden shift to extremism.

  • Multiple hostile actions against the NWE were carried out by members of the region in question.

  • Their RMB, or off-site chat becomes inactive(no post for 4 days or more)

[size=120]The following shows three tables. The first consisting of the Department of Foreign Affairs Hierarchy & their positions. The second consists of the regions we hold an embassy with and what nations are ambassadors/diplomats for the regions. The third is the Diplomat Groups. All Diplomats will be put into groups where they will have a Senior Diplomat in which they send their reports and any incidents to.



Director of Foreign Affairs

Secular Soverign Republics

Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs


Prospective Relations Head

Secular Soverign Republics

*First nation is nations main account. Nation in brackets is puppet nation in the foreign region.