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An Age of Swords and Shields (XKI Forum RP) Technical Information

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Every half a week (the frequency of updates may change based on activity), I will go through the IC thread, and simulate out the battles, give troops, and update the map accordingly. You will start with 5000 soldiers, and you will gain 1000 every 2 updates, and you will receive them in your capital city/

Sometime before the first update, you must provide me with some information. First you must inform me in what province you would like your capital city to be located. Your capital city has twice the garrison of a normal province (more about that later), and is where you receive your reinforcements. You must also select a General, each of which has a special bonus. General Type A grants a 10% effectiveness boost to all troops ATTACKING a province. General Type B gives all forces ATTACKING YOUR PROVINCE a -10 % effectiveness debuff. General Type C grants +5 % effectiveness boost to all defenses in all provinces you own. Lastly, you can choose not to have a General, but rather get an extra 2000 troops at the beginning of the RP. Two Notes on Generals: They cannot be killed, even if all of your armies die in the province they are in, they can only die if you RP it so, in which case you would just RP a new General with the same power. Secondly, for Types A and B, they have to be attacking or defending with the troops to give them the buff. 

[center][b][u][size=100]Foreign Relations[/size][/u][/b][/center]
There are five (well six, if you count doing nothing), types of relations you can have with other nations in the RP, and they are brought into existence once both nations agree to it IC. The types are the following:

You can only be in an Alliance with three other nations at a time. If Nation X is in an Alliance with Nation Y, then Nation X and Nation Y can move troops through each other's territories, and they can attack or defend together.

You can have a Friendship with as many nations as you want. Nations in a Friendship can move troops through each other's land, but they CANNOT fight together. So, if Nation X is in a Friendship with Nation Y, and Nation Y has an army in a territory of Nation X, which is then attacked by Nation Z, only the soldiers of Nation X will defend, and the soldiers of Nation Y will be moved to a neighboring friendly province.

[color=8b918c][b]Non-Aggression Pact[/b][/color]
Non-Aggression Pacts are self-explanatory. Once it is agreed upon, the two nations can not attack each other, or go onto each other's land, until the Pact expires. They can last anywhere from 3-6 updates. Nations in a non-aggression pact also cannot help the other nation attack or defend, UNLESS, they make an Alliance, in which cases the Pact is rendered void because it would be obsolete.

This is the category in which you put nations to whom you are hostile, but not fighting a war against. This may be for several reasons. You could already be fighting the maximum amount of wars, or you could be building up an army before you strike.

[color=f33714][b]At War[/b][/color]
These are the nations against whom you are actively fighting a war (more about the actual combat in the next section). In order to maintain some semblance of sanity, you are only able to declare war on two people at a time (meaning you can only fight two wars at the same time in which you are the AGGRESSOR), however, it is possible two people can declare war on you, meaning you can fight two other wars in which you are the DEFENDER or four in all. Wars last until one side either loses their capital or one side surrenders, in which case the borders stay as they were when the surrender occurred, and further consequences can be RPed.


Combat is based upon the percent difference in numbers between the two armies, but before I show the examples of this, I want to explain the garrison. Basically, in every province you own, there are 500 troops defending the province, whom are there permanently. So if you are defending a province, you have an extra 500 troops. Your capital province has a double garrison, so you would get 1000 extra soldiers. You only take a province if you 100% destroy the enemy army, if not, the surviving troops remain there. Credit Where Credit Is Due: This Combat Method was Designed by the Organizers of the Middle Earth Roleplay. Here is how it works, I made a few tweaks here and there: 

When confronting the armies, if one has under or exactly 10% units of the other:
- the bigger army wins with (PERCENT / (20-PERCENT) )% casualties
- the smaller one suffers (100 - PERCENT) casualties.

For example, if Nation X attacks Nation Y, and Nation X has 1000 troops, and Nation Y has 100, since 100 is 10% of 1000, you would calculate it like this: (10/20-10), which equals 1, so Nation X loses 1% of their armny. But (100-10) is 90, so Nation Y loses 90% of their troopers

When confronting the armies, if one has MORE than 10% but under or exactly 25% units of the other
- the biggest army wins with (PERCENT / 4)% casualties
- the other suffers (100 - PERCENT)% casualties.

For example, 1000 people vs. 7000 people: the 1000 are between 10 and 25% of the 7000, so if you plug it in, (rounding the percent difference to 14), the 7000 would lose around 4%, while the 1000 people would lose 86%.

When confronting the armies if one has any number over 25% but less than 75% units of the other
- the biggest army wins with (PERCENT / 3)% casualties
- the other suffers (100 - PERCENT + (PERCENT / 3) )% casualties.

When confronting two armies that aren't far from each other in numbers (over or exactly 75% units)
- the biggest army wins with ( (PERCENT - 20)/2 )% casualties
- the other suffers ( (PERCENT + 10)/2 )% casualties.

How do these <25%, >26%-<75%, >75 work? After calculating the armies we will have a bigger and a smaller army in size. You then calculate from the biggest army the x% rank that the smaller one falls in regard to the first. (As in if we have 500 guys from Nation X and 1234 from Nation Y, the 500 are over 26% of 1234 and under 75% of the same number, so it falls into #3 listed above.

If an attacker gets defeated, he will remain in his province, with his remaining soldiers at 80% capacity until the next update, meaning if he had 100 soldiers, he would be fighting with 80. If he attacks the next update his soldiers will be at 100% again, but if he gets attacked then his army remains still at 80% of its efficiency. If a defender gets defeated, the defeated army will always be relocated to its Capitol, have only 50% efficiency (meaning if they had 100 soldiers left they would be fighting as if they had 50) and will be unable to move in the next 1 update. (If you get attacked this update, and you lose, in the next update your Capitol has your injured army at 50)

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