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What if the US collapsed instead of the USSR? (Alternate History)

The lore is, the US collapsed instead of the USSR due to Reaganomics, leading the USSR to win the Cold War. Canada became communist, so Quebec declared independence and several provinces joined the new countries formed out of unions of states. The last stronghold of the US is in Cascadia, due to the Soviets not being able to reach it (except for Alaska but they were in the union as well). California and Texas, the two strongest states, formed their own empires, with the Rocky Mountain States being a buffer zone to stop the two empires from fighting. The CSA is basically a bunch of radical white supremacists left over from the Reagan era, and the Appalachian states united to stop them. New Yorsey is a union of the two strongest states in the Mid-Atlantic (not counting Pennsylvania). Florida and several Carribean nations joined Cuba. The New Eglander Kingdom accepted help from the UK in exchange for being a constitutional monarchy and part of the Commonwealth. The Midwestern nations I don't really have lore for but have mostly farming based economies I guess. I might do a Europe one with the same timeline too but that's all for now.

Lore coming soon