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My NS History (WIP)

Chapter 1: A small issue answering nation
In August 2019, I accidentally stumbled upon NS, making a cat-themed nation Dollystana. I was founded in an unknown pacific but moved to the now-defunct The New Pacific because its recruitment telegram was cool. During this period, I mostly answered issues and did not post on the RMB. Then, I moved to 10000 Islands because I liked their name. I gradually began to post more and learned more about the game. I got banned for spamming the RMB, created the region Catocracy (which was never anything more than a puppet storage), then got unbanned. Due to quarantine I got a renewed interest in the game, boosted by the SecGen election. XKI created a roleplay region A Taco Archipelago which leads us into the next chapter...

Chapter 2: XKI, ATA, and the Great Dog War
I joined the RP in 100000 Is Land and made friends, such as Haivon, Dominioan, Nooooooooooooooo and New wilsy. Most of my memories are pretty foggy. I had my first major conflict, the Great Dog War, and ran for Senate, but was ineligible due to not being a citizen.