by The Great Federation of Molopovia. . 8 reads.

CCC Region Legislation


Coalition Regulation 001

Following a regional poll, the Legislative House of the Coalition for Collective Cooperation has enacted to establish this policy, which is detailed as such:

CR#001 is a bill applying to all Coalition members, that decrees free travel between all region member states. Under this regional law, visas for travel between two Coalition nations or more are no longer implemented, and immigration checks have been lightened. Hereby, the Regional Government sets the following criteria should an immigrant request to benefit from this Coalition policy:

    -Full citizen of a Coalition member state
    -Has valid travel documents (e.g. passport, travel ticket)
    -For naturalized citizens of a Coalition member state, additional background checks will be conducted at the port of entry.
    -For dual citizens that are a citizen of a member state and a citizen of a non member state, an additional document certifying the immigrant is not here to exploit the policy, with appropriate screening and background checks, will be required. Hereby the Coalition Regulation establishes this additional travel document as Form F203.
    -Individuals with no trace of citizenship to any Coalition member state are prohibited to benefit under the inter-regional travel policy.

Nations who have not opted out of this policy but do not conform to its regulations will be subject to tribunal punishment.

Thus decreed,

The Regional Government has legislated this policy as Coalition Regulation #001 - Open Inter-Regional Travel to All Coalition Member-State Citizens

Countries may opt out of this policy with the special permission of the Diplomatic Commissar or the Founder. Send a telegram to The Great Federation of Molopovia with a stated reason to request opting out of this Coalition Regulation.

Amendment 1 - After 111 days without amendments, the CCC has unanimously voted on the restriction of Iucheau from CR#001. All individuals with any trace of Iucheauan citizenship or blood will now be banned from benefiting on this policy.

So let it be written
So let it be done.

Coalition Regulation 002

Cognizant of the Coalition member-states' scientific breakthroughs that have allowed for new precedents to be set in space exploration and travel, as well as the determined nature of the researchers,

Desiring to continue advancing with enhanced cooperative efforts to reach effective and efficient technologies, which can mutually benefit all participating nations in their aspirations for space,

Acknowledging that, if ever any threat arises, from hostile alien life to cosmic dangers such as meteors, we must be prepared to coordinate to take it down together in a joint operation,

Further desiring to move humanity as a whole forward into the future, and to uncover long-unsolved mysteries about our galaxy and the universe that we can solve with our aspirations for exploration,

Hereby legislates Coalition Regulation 002, the Establishing Mandate of the Galactic Organization of the Coalition.

CR#002 is a mandate proclaiming the formation of the Galactic Organization of the Coalition. It's purpose is to unite all efforts of member-states regarding space into one, collective operation, increasing efficiency and speeding up humanity's progress to a better-explored and known universe. Membership is declared voluntary. Galactic Ambassadors will serve as the leading representative of their nation, and will be part of the Organization Council that will decide on many different administrative decisions. Resources are shared, and all scientific findings made public. Any vital information not disclosed at an early fashion will result in the punishment of whoever found such scientific info. Further regulations can be brought up and voted upon by galactic ambassadors.

Nations who have joined this organization but do not conform to its regulations will be subject to tribunal punishment.

Thus decreed,

Countries may join the organization by sending a telegram to The Great Federation of Molopovia and you will be replied to within 24 to 36 hours. You may opt to apply to The Federal Republic of Traustadottirland instead but there is no guarantee of response time.