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CCC - General Information Board

This bulletin will be constantly updated to reflect full and accurate information concerning the Coalition for Collective Cooperation. From time to time, major changes may be announced. Authored by The Great Federation of Molopovia


This informational bulletin was written to inform nation states about the:

It is with the author's hope that this document may serve as a FAQ that may answer most, if not all, of the questions that may linger around new member-states' minds. You are always free to send the Founder (Molopovia) a Telegram if you have any questions, suggestions and concerns.

SECTION I - Overview of the CCC
The Coalition for Collective Cooperation was formally founded by Molopovia on December 16, 2020 with 8 founding member-states. It was organized in an attempt to unite nations around the world under one banner, representing the goal for world peace and economic prosperity. Member-states get many benefits, including open trade, good diplomatic relations, and a chance for international recognition. The CCC always puts peace and prosperity first on the agenda, however, a threat to one Coalition state is a threat to all. Every nation is obligated to spend 1.5% of military funding into the joint Coalition Armed Forces, in order to collectively defend the region against malicious enemies.

SECTION II - CCC Vision and Mission

The Coalition aims for a prosperous and diverse society, where fear is no more and freedom galore. Where everyone is truly equal, and where our union continuously thrives economically. A world where humanity stands as one, to preserve the world and protect our interests. A world where we also balance our economic interests with care for the natural environment. To explore the vast uncharted territories of space, and making it our own. All people from all races, standing in unity, for a utopian world.


The Coalition's purpose has, is, and will be about freedom, unity and prosperity. Every sacrifice will be made by all nations, to achieve this goal. We will fix the deep fractures of society, and bring all humans, with no regard for gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation and wealth, into one common community. We will not hesitate to use full force, diplomatically or through war, in order to successfully complete our mission. The Coalition is the path to a new world order, a mighty global union run by man, for prosperity of man. We can only do this together, with all the nations on our side. United we will stand!

SECTION III - Regional Government
Get to know the Regional Government!

The Regional Government of the Coalition for Collective Cooperation consists of a simple structure. The highest governing body is the Supreme Coalition Command, of whom contains the Founder and the World Assembly Delegate. They hold executive power and is responsible for oversight of all regional matters.

Next in line is the Coalition Commissariat. This governing body consists of a commanding Head Commissar, and Regional Officers who specialize in handling different regional matters.
All official commissariat positions as of 12-18-2020 are listed here:

Commissariat positions are subject to change every now and then. All commissars are either through direct appointment from the Founder or through elections (polls).

SECTION IV - Coalition Legislation