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Airport Monthly News -December 2020

Made by: Erasean with help from New Cerata

Airport Monthly News
December 2020

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Bomb threat on Aeroflot 777

By Aviation Correspondent Erasean

An Aeroflot Boeing 777 was searched after arrival at New York JFK on December, 7th, 2020 following a bomb threat. The aircraft had originated in Moscow earlier that day, and the search delayed the return flight.

Aeroflot flight SU102 was involved in a bomb threat. The four-year-old 777-300ER landed successfully at JFK and passengers were then deplaned normally. The plane was then taxied to a remote stand and searched. When no threat was found aboard the aircraft, it departed on its return journey to Moscow, 8 hours late.

JANUARY UPDATE!!! New Survey in Airport!

By Aviation Correspondent Erasean
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R/D News- Duolingo Airport Raided

by Cuara Correspondent New Cerata

An Embassy of Cuara, Duolingo airport was raided by two raiders from Lily. The raiders were: Enigmaa andJordan IX Flint. They currently no longer occupy the WA delegate role but are still part of the region. Duolingo airport's WA delegate has since been changed to non-executive.

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