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Three Star Tribune: December 2020 Edition

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December 2020 Edition: Anterian RP Unions
A Survey of Anterian International Unions

By Polder Eiland, Editor
Unions have long been a part of Anteria’s political climate, but wax and wane with the seasons as new superpowers come and go. Currently, two of these unions, the Sekidean Union and the Dokodo Union, represent the majority of this activity. In this piece, I will explore the various facets of these unions, how members are chosen, and how each handles extraunional relations.

The Sekidean Union (abbreviated as ‘SU’) is a regional union centered around southern Thuadia and Western Thrismari. The Union has two circles of membership: a inner union and an outer union, with the inner union representing an economic union and the outer union representing a defense and trade pact.

The SU is well-known for its strong economic policies, with many of its members presenting some of the most robust economies in the world. This is emboldened by the adoption of a central currency, the Sekinar, among its inner states. The Union boasts some of the largest nations in the world as well, including Canton River Delta, with near a billion citizens.

The SU is also characterized by generally centre-right policies, open trade among its members, and amiability with other unions, including the Triumverate and the Dokodo Union. Despite this, it has somewhat restrictive admission policies, with many nations being rejected or restricted in entry for not meeting strict economic standards.

The Dokodo Union, meanwhile, is less of a regional union, and more of worldwide trade and defense network, with its members stretching from Aenglicia in the eastern reaches of the world to Shadoveil in the far west. However, it is centered around the key member states of Aziallis and Tsokeiku, the latter of which contains the eponymous union capital.

The Dokodo Union is among the more senior unions in Anteria, and is noted for its historical opposition to the Triumverate, and for its diverse set of political beliefs. Among its member nations, there are monarchies, communist one-party states, and liberal democracies. The sheer number of influential nations alone make the DU a formidable force to bargain with.

Membership in the DU is regulated not by a strict admission policy, but by an application/invitation system that requires the consent of a significant majority of DU members.

Generally speaking, unions continue to present opportunities for less influential nations to gain influence, and more influential nations to exert their influence. Their interactions within Anteria’s international dynamics represent some of the most interesting aspects of geopolitical development.

Polder Eiland
Theme Weeks and Moments in History

By Polder Eiland, Editor
The “Theme Weeks” and “Moment in History” channels in Anteria have long brought on a variety of interesting developments and discussions about national and international RP, along with giving people the opportunity to present novel ideas in a way that is relevant to conversation.

Recently, these channels have seen a revival under Aziallis, who dutifully each week posts a new topic in each place. Recently, Aziallis has encouraged people to worldbuild the presence of LGBT+ people in Anteria through her introduction of such topics as, “Important points in your nation’s LGBT+ rights movement” and “Important LGBT+ people in positions of power”. These have garnered a variety of responses from residents, including the worldbuilding of whole people, the addressing of the history of civil rights in their nations, and rationale about why their nations have more or less LGBT+ acceptance.

In addition to these themes, other recent themes include “Administrative Divisions” and “popular tourist destinations”, which encourage members to build up political and cultural geographies of their nations.

Meanwhile, the “Moment in History” channel has produced a variety of historical context for a multitude of nations, whether it be a singular line of text, or multiple paragraphs of passionately constructed information. In addition, many people, resulting from this channel, have started to build common history.

Ave Imperator: An Interview with Koroskvy, Owner of 21st Century Rome

By Kentalis, Editor

[Kentalis] Hello! I've come from Anteria to interview someone from 21st-century Rome for our monthly newspaper, if it’s alright with you, I would like to ask a few questions as an interview.

[Koroskvy] alright!

[Kentalis] First up; When did you join, and was there a specific reason for it?

[Koroskvy] I joined both NS and the region just over a year ago. I joined NS because it seemed interesting (when in reality I was just looking for a database to store fictional countries I had made), and I joined the region because I got a recruitment telegram and thought that it seemed like an interesting region.

[Kentalis] Nice, now onto the second question, what is the actual idea behind the region? What are its goals?

[Koroskvy] I cannot speak to why it was created originally; however, today it's primarily just a region for those who enjoy history (particularly Roman/classical history, as one might expect) to hang out with like-minded individuals.

[Kentalis] That sounds like a nice goal! Now, could you tell a bit of your country in RP, what is its government form?

[Koroskvy] My government recently transitioned from a parliamentary monarchy similar to the UK (with a figurehead monarch) to an absolutist monarchy following the dissolution of the Parliament by the Kaiser, I'm happy to provide more detail if necessary by the way.

[Kentalis] Alright, How does 21CR handle relations with other regions?

[Koroskvy] We maintain strong embassies with a couple of regions (such as yours), particularly in ones where our Imperator is particularly friendly towards their government heads we try to maintain relations by keeping our discord open to all nations regardless of region, and hosting the occasional event between regions when approached with embassy requests, the requirements are pretty easy: be decently sized, active, and not a raider or defender region

[Kentalis] What is the favourite thing you did in the roleplay?

[Koroskvy]Without a doubt a civil war between the previous dictator (who began ruling in the Imperator's absence shortly after I joined the region) and two other nations, vs. a few other nations and I - over whether or not Squirrels should be the official deity of the region.

[Kentalis] That sounds like a lot of fun! Now, for the final few questions. How did you become the ruler of the region?

[Koroskvy] I became leader a few weeks ago, when the Imperator went on his semi-inactive vacation - I am one of the more active mods, and the only one free enough to take on the responsibility, and so here I am.

[Kentalis] Alright, now for the final question, how is it like moderating 21st-century Rome?

[Koroskvy] Pretty easy and simple - for the most part people are rather calm and kind to one another On the discord, in the year since we migrated from our old server to the new one, there have only been 20 warnings issued in a server of roughly 200 (and maybe half were just for spammers) The RMB can get a little wilder, with the occasional nation plaguing our RMB for weeks on end with alt accounts, but with a recently implemented system of low-ranking RMB-only message moderators, who all report to higher rankings mods, all issues can be solved relatively quickly

[Kentalis] Alright, that's all. I thank you for your time and effort.

[Koroskvy] very cool! thanks for the interview!

Editorial: A Change In TST Staff

By Polder Eiland, Editor
Many people know that I took on this role in August in order to succeed TESDAI, who has continued to serve well as the collector of statistics for the Tribune. During my election, Emi told me one of her desires for me was to effectively construct a proper newspaper for Anteria. I believe I have done that well. I believe in the quality of the articles I have written, and I believe in the quality of the formatting and editing I have done for this paper.

It is in the spirit of Emi’s desire for continued excellence and dedication that I have decided to resign my position as Director of Media, and thus, as Chief Editor of the Three Star Tribune, effective on January 1. I understand that this might come as a surprise to many, but instead of highlighting my reasons for leaving, I would like to instead highlight another person and their role in this.

Kentalis, known as Ofton on discord, has consulted with me about taking up the position of Co-Editor for the next two months, and I have agreed that this is the best course of action, in order to preserve the excellence which I hope the TST is known for. They are an excellent writer, as far as I can determine, and do well with investigative journalism. They have also shown a passion for writing.

Regarding all this, I declare my opinion: I think that Kentalis would make an excellent successor. However, I recognize that Anteria is a democracy in some regards, and as a result, I understand that I am not the one who can make that choice. That is up to Emi and to the people of Anteria. However, as much as I understand that, I cannot in good conscience go without training up someone who I think would make a good replacement. I intend Kentalis to be the person I endorse in January, upon my resignation.

Recipe Corner

By Polder Eiland, Editor

Dutch Almond Cookies
(Makes 24)

Wet Ingredients:
1 c butter, softened
1 c white sugar
1 c brown sugar
2 large eggs
2 tsp almond extract

Dry Ingredients:
1 tsp baking soda
˝ tsp salt
3 c flour
1 c sliced almonds

Preheat oven to 350 F
Mix together sugars and butter until creamed
Beat in eggs one at a time
Add almond extract
Mix dry ingredients thoroughly together
Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix thoroughly until combined
Add in circular dollops to a set of baking sheets
Bake for 10 minutes or until the bottom is lightly browned

Monthly Statistics
By Confederation of TESDAI, Journalist



Delegate Endorsements

Total Endorsements

Total Influence

Discord Messages

November 07

385 (+46)

106 (+6)

2.35k (+.02k)

891k (+20k)

28,777 (-8,176)

November 14

380 (-5)

109 (+3)

2.42k (+.07k)

901k (+10k)

18,226 (-10,551)

November 21

382 (+2)

111 (+2)

2.31k (-.11k)

970k (+69k)

16,302 (-1,924)

November 28

379 (-3)

111 ()

2.46k (+.15k)

1.04M (+34k)

18,102 (+1,800)

December 05

365 (-14)

110 (-1)

2.57k (+.11k)

1.06M (+.06M)

18,524 (-422)

Top Recruiters this Month

    Numbers from November 12 - December 8
  1. Polder Eiland: 1,100 sent; 16 recruited

  2. The Byrdlands: 1,092 sent; 6 recruited

  3. Fres: 763 sent; 2 recruited

  4. Confederation of TESDAI: 83 sent

    Special thanks to Prybourne for also using stamps to recruit.
    Please contact Director of Recruitment Plattinum to help with recruiting.
    Nations credited beginning Nov. 12, 2020

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