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How was the Community formed.

At a time in which socialism and communism where on the rise, many feared that it would bring rise to a totalitarian regimes. In response, many strived for conservative, libertarian, and even minarchist ideals until protests and riots broke out. A movement quickly arose believing that the truest way one can achieve to have the most freedom is threw anarchy. The movement was solely based on making a anacho-capitalistic society before the ideas of Egoism spread like wildfire. The idea was that every individual should do as they please and not be afraid to do so due to laws or morals. The movement burn down many government buildings across multiple nations and killed off everyone who oppose. The only way that someone should have any kind of power is achieving what they desire, in which case is mostly greed. There was a reason egoism caught the attention of liberatarians and minarchist. Even in a society without government, if itís based on individual needs, surely this would be the most free market as long as you have something to bargain.