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Europeia's RMB Rules & Expectations.

RMB Rules & Expectations

Welcome to Europeia! Below are the rules and expectations for all nations contributing to the Regional Message Board. If you have any questions or concerns about these, contact any of the below nations, who are all recognized "Enforcers" of the rules:

King HEM
Primorye Oblast


- No excessive profanity, or offensive/obscene material (images, mottos, external links, etc.)
- Please refrain from successive multi-posting unless there is a clear justification to do so. For example; when answering a direct question, or responding to a new post that has been made while you were typing your previous post.
- No advertising of, or attempted recruitment for, other regions.
- English is the preferred written language, but all are accepted.
- All posts must be worth the real estate they are on. That is to say, posts can be viewed by ALL nations ALL over Nationstates. If a post is not adding value to the discussion, or RMB, it can be removed. The RMB is meant to be a place for discussions, not excessive nation-specific announcements or small asides.

Enforcement Mechanisms:

If you break expectations, there will be sanctions. Our hope is that these sanctions will allow you to learn the expectations.

(1) Post suppression. This means your post is removed from the RMB. You may receive a telegram explaining the removal.
(2) RMB Ban. If you continue to break expectations or be purposefully disruptive to the experience of other players, you may be sent a telegram from one of the above Enforcers, officially banning you from the RMB. This ban from the RMB may be appealed to any Enforcer by a telegram acknowledging the rule you violated and explaining efforts you will take to not violate the rule in the future.
(3) Temporary ejection. If you have still been breaking expectations, your nation may be ejected (but not banned) from the region. This temporary ejection is not to be confused with a banjection.
(4) Regional banjection. You will be ejected and banned from Europeia. If you think you have been banned unfairly or sufficient time has passed since your ban, you may contact an Enforcer listed in this Dispatch explaining the cause of your banjection, acknowledging your wrongdoing, and committing to meet the community's expectations.
(5) Permanent Ban.

Regional officers and Enforcers reserve the right to skip steps in this enforcement framework in appropriate circumstances.