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Mutually Beneficial Principle

In a anarchy society, people are free to commit crimes, In which case laws and morals are seen as spooks. But non the less being robbed, attacked, and or killed is not beneficial to the victim. Creating some form of law enforcement is spooky along with peace keepers.

This is where the idea of a mutually beneficial principle comes in, similar to the NAP. The people respect others individuals egos, but not because of morals as they are subconscious thoughts in which makes it spooky. Instead itís the rational conscious decision that things such as murder have consequences as well is something one doesnít wish upon themselves so to make sure they can peacefully coexist they reframe from doing so.

This of course doesnít stop people from making the decision to ignore such consequences and commit the deed. In which case one can protect themselves how they please from restraint to murder. If one desires to protect others, one would seek a mutual benefit with who they are protecting as well as seek a profit for their deed. As a individual choosing to be a paid bodyguard is not a spook compared to a law enforcers officer.